Piper Perabo Boards Gerard Butler-Toplined Sequel ‘Angel Has Fallen’

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Article Date: February 13, 2018 | Publication: Deadline | Author: Amanda NDuka
Source: Deadline

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EXCLUSIVE: Piper Perabo, best known for toplining USA's drama series, Covert Affair, has come aboard the third installment to the Olympus Has Fallen series, Angel Has Fallen, starring Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman.

Ric Roman Waugh is directing the sequel, which follows Mike Banning (Butler) as he continues to be a target of terrorists, this time while mid-flight on Air Force One.

Millennium Films is producing the pic, which Focus Features will distribute. Perabo was last seen alongside Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Lionsgate's thriller, Black Butterfly, and led ABC’s short-lived legal drama, Notorious. Repped by ICM, the actress recently joined Awesomeness Films' upcoming YA sci-fi drama, Spontaneous, from writer/director Brian Duffield.


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