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All the questions are numbered and appear below the submission form. Please review them carefully before voting. ONE VOTE PER E-MAIL ADDRESS. As this vote was meant to be ANONYMOUS, to be fair to everyone, NO PUBLIC LOBBYING FOR VOTES. If you are found to be lobbying for votes on this, or any other public forum, your question will be disqualified.  Please honor the spirit of the vote and let the questions be judged on their own, not their owner. Voting will end on March 5 at 9:00pm EST.

The author of the winning question will get to ask their question personally during the Nim's Island Fan Site Conference Call that will be scheduled sometime on March 15 or 16.

The winning questions will be announced on March 6, only ONE person will win the chance to participate in the call, but may have to ask alternative questions if another site asks their question first.




812 total votes cast. Top ten questions are below.

Congratulations to Sue W. for her winning question!!

#26 (301 votes)- It seems you're getting plenty of scripts lately. What was it about this script (Nim's Island) that made you say "I want to do this".

#6 (236 votes)- Nim's Island is your first film based on a children's book and that is truly geared towards children (although, I know a lot of adults will be going to see it). When you were first presented with the idea, were you hesitant or excited and now that you've finished it, what did you like the best?

#14 (112 votes)- Many see Abigail Breslin as another generation's Jodie Foster because of both of their incredible roles at such a young age—Breslin is even set to shave her head for her next project. So what was it like working with both of them simultaneously and what do you feel you learned from them and that they learned from you in return by the end of production on Nim's?

#55 (58 votes)- Nims Island is a film that treats much of the father and daughter relationship and the relationship reality and fiction.
Do you see any parallel in the relationship between Nim and Alex Rover and the relationship between you and your fans?

#1 (46 votes)- In this movie, you play a father as well as a fictitious action hero. Seeing that an actor has to "become" a character in any movie, how difficult was it to handle becoming TWO characters - basically taking on two completely different roles in one movie?

#28 (32 votes) - Filming a movie in paradise has its pros and cons. What was your favorite part about filming in a tropical locale and what was your least favorite part?

#121 (17 votes)- Alex Rover (your character, not Jodi's) is the perfect action/adventure hero. Everyone has different chapters in their lives and people's biographies are always written in different tones. If someone were to write Gerard Butler's story, what would be the overall feel of the book? Would it be more of an adventure, romance, action, drama or comedy?

#122 (17 votes) - You've been doing a lot of acting with a green screen lately and I take it that since Nim's Island is based on Fantasy you have to do it here as well. What's the hardest thing about acting with something or someone that is not actually there?

#10 - (16 votes) The standard advice is never to work with children or animals, yet you are doing both. Which was more challenging and in what ways?

#75 - (16 votes) Gerry, you have created some of the most memorable characters when facing tremendous amount of challenge, you played the Phantom brilliantly, you were the living and breathing image of the Spartan king. What are the challenges and inspirations you had while playing the two characters in this film?




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