02-02-10: Pre-Grammy Party, Hello Magazine

Gerard took in a pre-Grammy party hosted by his Law Abiding citizen co-star Jamie Foxx on Friday, January 29 in Los Angeles.  View larger pic…

Reelz Channel caught up with Gerard at the Artists for Peace and Justice art auction in Santa Monica last week. Watch the video below:

Hello Magazine
While Gerard placed 4th in the 2009 end of the year Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll, he starts 2010 as one of January’s monthly candidates and a chance to be in the 2010 end of the year poll.  Cast your votes today!  Please note that you are only allowed to vote once every 15 minutes.

Amy MacDonald inspired by Gerard Butler
Scottish musician Amy MacDonald recently released her song Ordinary Life as she launches her new album A Curious Thing.  She tells the Daily Record that Gerard inspired the track:  

I was at Gerry Butler’s premiere in Glasgow. At party, Gerry told me he loved me and had me on his iPod.

I stayed in the background but felt bad because so many people were talking to him.

He had the premiere here because he wanted his family to come and was trying to talk to them while other people were hounding him.

He must have posed for 100 photos and it made me realise I want to hold on to my ordinary life.

Gerry doesn’t know he inspired the song but maybe one day he might want to use it in a film.

Listen to the song, Ordinary Life, here


  1. Betty Beaver says:

    Gerard Butler, a real “life force” incredible. inspirational, magnetic. always exciting to see him and always exciting to hear him …so easy to love him.

  2. Girls: Gerry is in the first place of Hello Magazine most attractiva Man Poll and I want to tell to you all, he most remain there, in first place, so give your VOTE to him, he most be the winner. Thanks.

  3. Nancy Boltwood says:

    So many of us “ordinary” people want an extraordinary life… which I believe (safe to say)
    Gerry has at this time. But I can see Amy’s perspective in observing that extraordinary life comes with many (at times hidden?) obligations that may, at times, make such a person long for
    those days when their life was their own. Privacy. Alone-time. It’s a slippery slope, I’m sure.
    I’m siding with Amy here… being hounded, in demand, everyone wanting a piece of you, would become wearisome. I will listen to this song with that in mind.