Premiere Photos and New Chasing Mavericks Clips!

Gerard wows at the Chasing Mavericks premiere held on October 18 at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.  View gallery…

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Watch new clips and TV spots below!!!

New TV Spot – REBEL

Conveyor Belt

The Mag 3

Jay Surfing


Night Swim

Kitchen Cabinet

Train Me


  1. Judith Loftus says:

    Gerry, looks like Chasing Mavericks is going to be a good one. Do me a favor and go for the part of Jamie Frasier, in The Outlander series that is definately a part for you.

  2. Nicol from Romania says:

    Y ‘re brilliant ! You are you a man in love ! It shows on your face!!!
    Come to Romania! You fell in love with a Romanian beautiful! Come and see people and beautiful places!
    You’re so sweet!!! …and I’m unlucky woman!!!

    with love !!!
    Nicol from Romania