09-12-08: RockNRolla, Japan Video and more!

New HQ images from RockNRolla have been added to the gallery courtesy of Warner Bros.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  Watch for an exciting new promotion from Gerard Butler Dot Net on October 8 to celebrate the release of RockNRolla in the US!


Thanks to Trailer Addict.  This one is called ‘Dancer”

View more clipc at Trailer Addict…

Thanks to Lorna for sharing scans from the UK edition of Marie Claire.


Watch Gerry on a Japanese Game Show! Thanks to mjbooklady.

ReelzChannel TIFF Interview

Keeping check back to the gallery for new images as they are added throughout each day.


  1. How great is Gerry with his Japanese fans! You can truly see his patience and respect for them and their culture. I find that rare in Hollywood.

  2. Thanks for video from Japan.

  3. Sandra says: says:

    He just sizzled with chrisma on that stage with his handsome smile- ohh la, la.
    Can’t wai for RockNRolla. It looks like it’ll be fun to watch the funny scenes and the

  4. Oh, what fun…a promotion!! Something to look forward to.

    I cannot wait to see that dance scene between One Two and Stella! Thanks gbnet for all the goodies you’ve given us the past few weeks.