08-19-08: RockNRolla North American Premiere at TIFF Scheduled

RockNRolla’s North American premiere is scheduled for Thursday, September 4 at the Toronto International Film Festival. The screening will take place at the Elgin Theatre at 9:00pm.

Please be advised that because RockNRolla is being screened on September 4, we have been advised that it is NOT part of the VISA Screening Room passes and will be sold by single ticket purchases only.  General public tickets will start selling at 10am on Saturday, August 23.   For more information visit the TIFF website at www.tiff08.ca.


  1. Heidi: He is on the list of actors scheduled to appear on the TIFF website. Of course, with other celebs on the list as well, Gerry’s appearance probably isn’t “newsworthy” enough for media editors and producers. As with all scheduled appearances, his presence in Toronto is subject to change. 😀

  2. Does anyone know if Gerry will be there? Coming from TO myself, there’s been no buzz in the local media of his appearance.

  3. Debbie from Canada says:

    I hope it will play in more theatres in Canada. I live in Halifax/Dartmouth’