See Chasing Mavericks this weekend and Support GBNet!!!

Order your tickets online from Fandango and see Chasing Mavericks this weekend!  Every ticket purchased through the link below sends a commission to GerardButler.Net that will goes towards the annual support fund.

Buy advance tickets on Fandango!

Our annual support fundraising drive continues!!  Our yearly expenses total close to $750.  This covers  domain registrations, postal mailbox, postage for contest winners and our newsletter service.   To date, we have raised $265.   Thanks to all those who have contributed so far!!

If you would like to help support the website, click here.  Every little bit helps and thank you so very much for all your support in the past.  Without you, the fans, we would not still be here over 11 years after we began!!


  1. Just got home from seeing Chasing Mavericks and enjoyed it very much. A good, solid, heart-warming film, understated but about so much more than waves. And those waves are awesome!
    Hope Gerry knows how much his involvement with this kind of film is appreciated! Love his action films, love his rom-coms, but these small character films are to be cherished as well! Great job by all concerned. Thank you, Gerry and company!

  2. Sheryl Glenn says:

    This email didn’t appear in time for me to use it yesterday. I received it, instead, today. Wish I had known. I will use it in the weeks to come….: )