10-18-09: SNL Pics and Video

Watch Gerard Butler in excerpts from Saturday Night Live below (NBC streams to the US only).  View bumper shots here. Full episode is online (does not include monologue unfortunately)!  If you can’t view embeds below, visit the NBC Video Archive.

Beauty and the Beast

Weekend Update (Scots Translation by Seth Meyers)


New Secretary

The Spartans

Sports Show

What Up With That


  1. Bonjour Gerard,
    just to let you know that I am a French woman who is in LOVE with you darling!
    you are the BEST! I always had a thing for the Scottish men, you are a living proof that Scottish men are sooooooo sexy!
    Je t’aime!
    ps= I know the American tell you to make fun of us in your scripts/jokes…we are not that bad, and most of all we were friends together when fighting the Brits, remember!?
    bisous mon cheri…
    I live in California and want to go to L.A just to meet with you one day…

  2. Saturday Night Live has a way of making anyone funny and last week’s episode was no exception. Gerry has a terrific comedic timing that not too many actors have. I have not watched many episodes in the past two-three years but I truly enjoyed this one. Hopefully, he will be asked back to host like other alums like Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin.

  3. Omg!!! Gerry you were awesome, as an American living in Sweden I don’t get to watch Saturday Night Live over here, But I did get to see the clips on You tube and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the What up wit that! Skit!!! I’m still laughing. I’m traveling to the States this week and I had my sister-in-law TiVo it for me, I can’t wait to see the opening monologue and also to see Law Abiding Citizen!!! You were amazing, I really hope you host again!

    P.s. I LOVED that you shaved!!

  4. Little Linda says:

    Those skits with Gerry were fabulous. My absolute favorite one was the “What’s Up With That” song and dance. Once again, Gerry sure reminds me a lot of Elvis.

    After viewing other people’s comments, I feel I have more to say.

    I also loved GBut as he Beast. Maybe he should try wearing that hair when he goes somewhere, or maybe doing another song and dance number — maybe as a reggae guy? I think that would be cool, maybe a little funny, in a screaming way.

    I DO find the following pretty sexy about Gerry: his voice (especially when he gets gruff), his entire body (especially his pecks), his facial stubble, his hair, his singing voice, and the way he puckers his mouth sometimes. Can someone wrap him up or clone him and send him to me via UPS already!?!?!? I’ll never have to find another European male substitute boyfriend again!!!

  5. we cannot see snl here in england yet, but we have daveheart on you tube at the moment and that was hilarious even though he was taking the mickey out of the english a lot it was brilliant, even though im english. i cant wait to see the other clips and hope we dont have to wait too long.

    i loved gerry on jimmy fallon show, but im upset he has shaven off all his stubble, but i presume once theres a beard coming about, he has to shave every now and again. it was so funny when jimmy wanted to hear his scottish accent, as us fans like it too.

    i noticed that other people have said what i said the other day, that why does gerry have to keep covering up his gorgeous scottish accent to take on an american accent, when there are a lot of different nationalities everywhere even in america, and people like james mcavoy, colin farrell and sean connery to mention a few never had to alter their accents. i know when it is an historical part that is being portrayed that is different, like attila, phantom etc. but not just john doe charactors.

  6. Hi, Gerry:

    You did a great job in the SNL! I really loved the Beauty and the Beast as you sang the theme so well and you looked nice in the beast costume. I also enjoyed the 300. I was so dying to watch its parody and was looking forward to hearing the famous quote of “Tonight, we dine in hell!”


  7. Genevieve says:

    Sooooo hilarious. Do you have any idea how we poor Canadians can access the whole thing? I want to watch the “Thomasssss” video again, and definitely the “Game Time”, where he launches into full Scots.

    I don’t watch SNL much anymore, but Gerry seemed very comfortable, as he is in any medium. Even my hubby said “Gerard nailed that”.

  8. Shirley Bishai says:

    Fantastic job on SNL!!!! You are a natural as a comedian and singer. You are full of wonderful surprises! I hope SNL invites you back soon as a host or to do cameo appearances.

    Saw your movie, “Law Abiding Citizen” this weekend…….”Brilliant”!!!

    All the best,

    Shirley Bishai, RDH

  9. Marise Hausner says:

    You guys are doing a phenomenal job! A huge thank you to each and every one of you.

  10. chris lynn says:

    your singing is HYPNOTIC and MEZMERIZING!!!! luv it sexy..we r all watching phantom now to hear you sing xoxox I want to see you n phantom II! or another movie like that!
    I want you to record an adult lullaby cd!

    Have a great night!!!

  11. Ann Luongo (AnnofIreland) says:

    Thank you for posting the skit videos from SNL. I thought Gerry was hilarious and really in his element with comedy. I haven’t watched SNL in ages, but this one was worth it.

  12. Gerry!!!
    You were AWESOME!! I loved you on SNL!! I’d had not laughed like that in a long time..:) I hope that you can go back to SNL again!! Great job 🙂

    You need to cut an album..You truly do..I loved your singing..You were fantastic! Thank you GB.net for getting the clips and skits up to watch again!!

    God Bless u Gerry
    The Best Always
    Ciao Bello

  13. Thanks for posting these, and so fast as well! 🙂 Loved SNL last night, especially Music of the Night opening.
    Incredibly funny. Really enjoyed that. Gerry is amazing.

  14. I love the bumper shots. They are beautiful.

    I hope the powers that be invite Gerry back. He was awesome on SNL. Weekend update was hilarious as was the monologue. Loved hearing Gerry sing even in the What Up With That skit.

    I had the best time watching Gerry on SNL. Good job, Gerry!! Is there anything you can’t do? 🙂 xo Julianna

  15. I love that GB is up for anything! Fun-loving and willing to leave the ego at the door. I love him.

  16. Awesome job posting this up asap! And is it possible if you have the bumper shot of Gerard in his kilt? That was epic. But all in all, I love how you put all of his skits so quickly! Again, great job!

  17. SNL was sooo funny with him. I laughed so hard. He was amazing..He should be very proud!!!

  18. Hi there GB fans!
    Any idea how people residing outside the US can watch these SNL excerpts? Is it possible posting them in a format that anybody can watch?
    Thank you!

  19. Loved it!! Thank you for posting these!! Can’t wait for the Opening to be posted with Gerry singing from Phantom!! His voice is still GREAT and loved hearing him sing again. His voice is so good!! Thank you GB.Net for getting this up right away!! I laughed a lot & really enjoyed it!!