09-25-09: Gerard on Craig Ferguson, Dragon News, More

fergusonSet up the DVRs, Gerard Butler is headed back to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote Law Abiding Citizen!  His next appearance is scheduled for Friday, October 9.  This show will be taped earlier in the week (Craig doesn’t tape shows on Friday). 

Source: The Late Night TV Page

The OFFICIAL teaser trailer for How To Train Your Dragon is now online (previous trailer posted was an unauthorized copy).  The trailer will be included on the Monsters v. Aliens DVD available Tuesday, September 29.

THE UGLY TRUTH DVD – Now Available for Pre-Order at Amazon.com

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09-14-09: How To Train Your Dragon Teaser

2009 may still be hopping, but 2010 for Gerard Butler will have some treats as well. One of them, How to Train Your Dragon, now has a teaser trailer. It doesn’t tell us much, but it’s something!!  The official site has been updated, but not much to see.  It’s now got a Flash placeholder instead of just an image.  Still, pretty cool!!  See the trailer below:

Trailer Removed by request from Dreamworks

The How to Train Your Dragon Storybook and 3D Viewer, to be released on February 2, 2010, is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.  Order the original story for Christmas and the new storybook for Valentine’s Day for you favorite little one!!

Thanks to Beth Whitson for sharing some pics of Gerry getting ready to enjoy a leisurely flight!  View larger…

No playing “Where’s Gerry” for September 13.   He was pretty much EVERYWHERE!!  Recap of places he was and people he saw below:

In Touch Icons + Idols Celebration, MTV VMAs, Giant Steps for 9/11, Harry Winston New York Collection Celebration, US Open

It’s not much, but thanks to @livefashionweek for the videos!

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09-03-08: Gerard Butler Heads Back to Japan

Gerard is tentatively scheduled to appear at the September 10 premiere of PS, I Love You in Japan at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  We have confirmed this information with his management, but as with all appearances, his participation is subject to change.  Thanks to manon at GerardButler.jp for the heads up on this!


has three new videos on their website.  They include exclusive premiere report, “Is there a robbery?” clip and “You’re going in the drink” clip.  Thanks to mjbooklady for the links!

Thanks to Lilyrose for the link to this premiere video from BiographyChannelUK on YouTube!

More premiere footage from Leicester Square TV – www.lsq.tv! This video also available on YouTube.  Check it out for some great coverage of Gerry on the red carpet!

Another exclusive clip “Nice shoes” is at BBC Radio 1 Movies! Click here to view!


Thanks to Crosswest and Helen for their photos from the RockNRolla World Premiere!

Screencaps from the BBC premiere video are now available in the gallery.  Thanks to Gieselle!  Articles from the Daily Record and the Daily Star are also now available.  Thanks to Lorna!

The RockNRolla soundtrack is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The disc is scheduled for release in the US on September 30. If you can’t wait, order it now from Amazon UK.


Gerry is in this weeks Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll!  Cast your vote here!  A win in the weekly vote gets him into the monthly vote and a win in the monthly vote would get him a place in the end of the year vote.