01-25-10: Scot of the Year, Burns and Haiti

The results are in and Gerard has been voted Scot of the Year 2009 in the annual poll conducted by ScotsCare, a London based charity for first and second generation Scots in need of help.  Gerard took 66% of the vote.   Read more…

Gerard attended the Artists for Peace and Justice Brunch held in Santa Monica, CA on January 24. Held at the home of director Paul Haggis, fresh from a trip from Haiti, the event raised four million dollars for Haiti.  Gerard Butler, Simon Barker and his wife, Rebecca Rigg, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig were just a few of the attendees who each pledged to give $50,000 per year for five years toward building the future of Haiti.  Read more… | View pictures…

Pictures from the “Help for Haiti Now” telethon have been added to the gallery.

Burns is back in the news with Vadim Jean, director of the film, speaking to the UK’s Sunday Mail about the steamy story he is ready to tell about the Scottish poet.  Read more…

Thanks to Lori Shepler for permission to post hi-res photos taken of Gerard in December 2007 for the Los Angeles Times.  Please do not repost without her permission.

12-01-09: Gerard Announced as Glasgow Film Ambassador

gerard-butlerThis morning, the Glasgow Film Office named Gerard Butler their first film ambassador as they launch an effort to attract film and broadcast activity to Glasgow through the Glasgow Film Partnership. In addition to his new role with the GFO, Gerard also offers more news about the Burns project. Read more… Visit the GFO website for a video of Gerry speaking about Glasgow and what the city has to offer filmmakers.

We couldn’t think of a better ambassador for Glasgow and their film industry.  Congratulations Gerry!

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02-02-09: Burns Film News

Gerard Butler in BurnsGerard Butler Dot Net received a lovely email from director Vadim Jean today about the fan interest in collectively becoming one of the 250 contributors for Burns as announced in their January 25 press release.  After review and discussion with Gerry and Alan Siegel, he is thrilled to report that the film is on sound financial ground and all that is required from fans is their “wonderful spirit of generosity”.

Mr. Jean expressed that he is very excited to finally begin work on this project now that both he and Gerry have time in their schedules to move forward and get the film to the big screen and thanks everyone for their support.   Now the fans can do what they do best –  spread the word by promoting the film among family, friends, colleagues and online – and continue their unwavering support of Gerry’s career.  Thanks to everyone who wrote to us to express interest in helping the film in all ways possible. 😀

01-25-09: Burns Movie News for Gerard!

On this day, the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, Gerard Butler fans may have even more reason to celebrate. The Times Online reports that the Vadim Jean helmed project ‘Burns’, a long time passion project for Gerard, will begin filming on location in Edinburgh and Burns’ native Ayrshire sometime this year.

An excerpt from the article is below:

Most of the budget, which includes investment from Scottish Screen, is already in place. The remainder will be raised by signing up 250 subscribers to the project.

Each will commit a sum to the project in the same way that investors backed the publication in 1786 of the famous Kilmarnock Edition of Burns poetry. The success of the collection convinced Burns to stay in Scotland rather than emigrate to Jamaica, as he had planned.

Alex Salmond, the first minister, will host a dinner at Edinburgh Castle in May to help raise funds.

Read more from The Times Online…

The official website for the film has also been updated in the press area.  Sign up for email updates with them to follow their progress!!

We want to hear from YOU! Are you exicited to think that this project may finally get off the ground this year?  Leave us a comment!