06-18-08: New Pics, Comic Con 2008 and Charity Happenings!


New pics from the Perry Hagopian photoshoot and InStyle.com (with Maria Menounos) have been added to the gallery.

IESB.Net is reporting that Warner Bros. will feature RockNRolla at this years Comic Con to be held in San Diego. Read more…


Nim’s Island is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com.   The DVD will be released on August 5, 2008.   Available in Blu-Ray or standard format or visit our Amazon Astore to place your order today!


The 2008 Australian Official Convention has been scheduled for September 5, 2008 in Albury, New South Wales. Interested in attending? Contact squirtie at squirt52 @ iprimus.com.au for all the details (remove the spaces around the @ before sending the email).

The 2008 Gerard’s Grove & Phantom’s Phorest Un-raffle is in its final days. To date, the combined efforts of past campaigns and the 2008 campaign has raised over $27,400. That’s a fantastic grand total of 2,813 trees!

In a message on the Grove for Gerard Butler webpage, Alan Watson Featherstone, Trees for Life’s Executive Director wrote: “I’m deeply touched by the tremendous support of the fans of Gerard Butler, who have donated trees for what is by far the biggest grove we’ve yet had sponsored in the Caledonian Forest. Well done and thank you to everybody.”

If you would like to donate to Trees for Life, visit the donation page. Thanks to Peigi McCann for her continued dedication and commitment to the Trees for Life campaigns. This campaign ends June 24.

Another year, another successful Las Vegas Gerard Butler Fan Convention!! Congratulations to all involved! For more details on the happenings and excitement of this annual charity event, visit Gerard Butler GALS.

04-18-08: The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen and Con News


More images have been added to the gallery from The Ugly Truth set. Thanks to summer-20 for the hi-res pics and Gieselle.


Variety reports that Law Abiding Citizen will film as planned, scheduled to start on August 11, thanks to an interim pact with SAG and The Film Department. Read more…


Thanks to all the fans who continue to send in pictures from the US Charity Convention. If you would like to add yours to the gallery, contact Gieselle, GB.Net Gallery Manager.

04-10-08: US Charity Convention Update

We are pleased to report that the preliminary total is in for the donation that will be made to Kids Kicking Cancer on behalf of the 2008 US Charity Convention held this past weekend. Many thanks to Tracey for getting us the total so quickly. The tentative total raised is (drum roll, please…): $30,451.92!!

There are still a few donations coming in from various sources and a minor issue with the hotel bill, but both those can only bring the total up. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the members of the committee, everyone who participated in the event and donated items to the raffle!!! Thanks as well to those, both attendees and non-attendees, who threw in “a little something extra” for the charity. Your kindness, generosity and support has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

Timeline Video Challenge Logo

From webberphan: Thank you again to all the Fan Video Authors that submitted entries to the Timeline Fan Video Challenge. It was hugely successful. The 6 non-finalists videos were shown in the registration area and the Five Finalists were shown at the Main Event Dinner on Saturday night. Each entry was received with much attention and applause.

Congratulations to Em-Elle for her favorite video of One Moment in Time!

Visit here to view Em-Elle’s entry!!

04-09-08: US Charity Convention, More Videos and Nim’s Island News


The party has ended and most everyone has returned home from what can only be described as ONE FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!! Congratulations to the DC convention committee, chaired by Dee and Tracey, for a wonderfully planned event!! Thanks to the many, many companies and individuals who donated items for the raffles. There were so many wonderful things to choose from and the movie-themed baskets were just AMAZING!!

Thanks as well to Gerry for graciously signing so many items for the raffle and sending word of his heartfelt thanks to the fans for all their support and admiration for the fine work they do for Kids Kicking Cancer and other worthwhile causes.

Early estimates are that this convention may have exceeded the successes of our three previous conventions in funds raised for Kids Kicking Cancer!!! We are beyond excited and awaiting the final hotel bill and bus rental charges before coming up with the final tallies so keep checking the site for the total amount raised from Saturday evening’s event.

One of the major announcements of the evening was the news that the fine work started by the MAG Tarts for this event will continue for many years to come. Their non-profit, started to benefit the convention, will become the non-profit arm of GerardButler Dot Net and Dee and Tracey have graciously agreed to continue to serve the organization so that other events and the website can benefit other charities nationwide through the groundwork they have set. The MAG Tart legacy and all their hard work will live on!!!!


Fan photos from the convention are coming in and being added to the gallery. Please contact Gieselle if you have any you would like to submit!

Thanks to Dave for sending us the link to his video from the Nim’s Island premiere. Here’s what he had to say about it:

So i attended the movie premiere of Gerard Butler’s latest movie Nim’s Island. The premiere took place at the Graumann’s Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd on March 30,2008. Gerard was great, he came over signed autographs for his fans. At one point Gerard is signing and a fan asks Gerard to sign. Gerard having seen this man before and believing he sells the autographs, Gerard proceeds to tell the fans in attendance to all give the man a slap before they leave. It was very funny. Right after that Gerard proceeds to sign an autograph on a sign some fans had made and he also poses for a picture with the sign that the fans had made. As i’ve stated before Mr.Butler is one of the best actors, not only for his work but for taking the time to interact with his fans.

Check out the video below!


Fox fantasy adventure “Nim’s Island” jumped past George Clooney’s “Leatherheads” for the second spot at the weekend box office, reversing Sunday’s order of finish. Final figures released Monday showed “Island” nearly matching its Sunday estimate with $13.2 million while the Universal pic’s number slid 6% to $12.7 million. And U’s estimate for Sunday’s total missed by about 28%. Read more…

Last week, Gerard Butler Dot Net quietly exceeded 9 MILLION HITS TO THE WEBSITE!!! Thank you, as always, to the many visitors who continue to support GB.net through your visits, news and photos submissions and support!!!!

This website is a gossip-free site. We don’t post gossip items about Gerard in our news section. We also won’t comment on them via e-mail or to any press outlet. We thank you for understanding our position.