08-12-08: Gerry Attends Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil in Central Park

Gerry attended the Cine Fest Petrobras Brasil in New York City’s Central Park on August 10 with his 300 co-star Rodrigo Santoro.  More pics in the gallery.

Angeleno continues to bless us with her fabulous pictures from the RockNRolla panel at Comic Con.  Visit her Comic Con gallery for more.

Thanks to mjbooklady for another poster from RockNRolla.  View larger…

08-03-08: Comic Con, Lucy Sullivan and Empire

Comic Con RockNRolla Panel
Many thanks
to angeleno for more terrific shots from the Comic Con RockNRolla panel now in the gallery!

More kudos to webberphan for more screen caps from the Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married DVD!

Game in Empire Magazine - September 2008

Thanks to Jo at Still Gerard for the Game article in Empire Magazine (September 2008)!  Read the article…

GB.Net is a full time job that a few of us work on daily.  Thanks to the wonderful people who help in maintaining our gallery and news section (Gieselle, Maryp, DaisyMay and Stagewomanjen), things run smoothly, but we still have a few areas we could use some help in.  If you are computer savvy and want to help with things like maintaining the TV/Event calendar, fan list, our MySpace (experience with MySpace required) and assist in composing the monthly newsletter, send us an email to gb.net @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @ before send the email) to be considered.  No membership on any forum or list required.

We always get more volunteers than we need when we ask for assistance, so thanks in advance for understanding if we don’t have spots for everyone, but double thanks for volunteering in the first place!! 😀

08-01-08: More Gerard from Comic Con and 2009 Convention News!

Gerard Butler at RockNRolla Panel
Many, many thanks to angeleno for her pics from Comic Con.  Visit the gallery for more!

Gerard Butler as One Two in RockNRolla

Thanks to Warner Bros. for an additional hi-res image from RockNRolla.


The 2009 Convention poll is now closed.  Thanks to all who voted and sent us your comments.

Based on feedback and the poll, we have tentatively chosen the weekend of October 24-25, 2009 for the Glasgow event (evening event scheduled for Sunday, October 25), which will honor Gerard’s 40th birthday.  Proceeds will benefit CLIC Sargent.  More details will follow in the coming weeks.  Registration will be set at approximately 125 people.

We are now looking for volunteers in the US (maximum 5 locations), Japan (1 location), Canada (1 location) and Australia (1 location) who would like to host a similar event to coincide with the Glasgow party in those countries.

If you are interested in hosting a simultaneous event in your area that weekend, please send us an email to events @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @ before sending the email).  Each event will need to take into consideration the following:

  • Attendance should be between 50 – 125, depending on interest.  We can do a poll to determine the interest once the locations are chosen.
  • In the US, Kids Kicking Cancer will receive 50% of the money raised for charity.  The other 50% will go to a local charity chosen by the planning committee.  International locations are free to chose their own charity.
  • A hotel booking is not required (for example, NYC could still have their annual event at Stout as long as it accommodates enough people and the committee can help attendees with local accommodations and sight seeing).
  • Committees should have NO MORE than 2 chairs, although the number of volunteers to help with smaller tasks are at the discretion of the committee.
  • A charity raffle will be required. US events can take advantage of our tax exempt status.
  • This is a YEAR LONG commitment for chairs and all volunteers.
  • More details pertaining to things like souvenir tote bags, pins and programs will apply to ALL events.
  • One special website will be set up for all events and each committee will have access to update their section and field questions from attendees.

We will take all recommendations for locations in this initial request. Once all proposed locations are selected, we will have another poll to determine the top locations for those who would be attending.  Proposed locations should be received by August 10, 2008.  Voting will begin on August 11 and end on August 21.

We will also have some sort of online “party” for those who are unable to travel.

07-29-08: RockNRolla Posters, New Trailer and More!

RockNRolla Poster with Gerard Butler Comic Con RockNRolla Poster Comic Con Warner Bros. Booth RockNRolla Poster
A new quad poster has been released for RockNRolla in the UK.  Also added, the poster from the Warner Bros. booth at Comic Con to the gallery.  The UK release date has been set for September 5.

Check out the NEW footage from the official UK site for RockNRolla!  Click on “Are you a RockNRolla?”

Thanks to Ember, SandyW and webberphan for more multimedia from Comic Con and RockNRolla:

Do you have pics from Comic Con? Contact Gieselle at gieselle @ gerardbutler.net (remove spaces around @ before sending) to add them to the gallery!!

RockNRolla Poster Contest Winner Game Movie Poster Winner
Congratulations to our two winners in the Movie Poster Design contest!! We will be in touch shortly to get your information for your special autographed items from Gerry!!  Thank you to all who entered and voted.  Keep checking back for our next contest coming soon!!


Added more screen caps from the Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married DVD.  Many thanks to webberphan.