04-18-08: The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen and Con News


More images have been added to the gallery from The Ugly Truth set. Thanks to summer-20 for the hi-res pics and Gieselle.


Variety reports that Law Abiding Citizen will film as planned, scheduled to start on August 11, thanks to an interim pact with SAG and The Film Department. Read more…


Thanks to all the fans who continue to send in pictures from the US Charity Convention. If you would like to add yours to the gallery, contact Gieselle, GB.Net Gallery Manager.

04-10-08: US Charity Convention Update

We are pleased to report that the preliminary total is in for the donation that will be made to Kids Kicking Cancer on behalf of the 2008 US Charity Convention held this past weekend. Many thanks to Tracey for getting us the total so quickly. The tentative total raised is (drum roll, please…): $30,451.92!!

There are still a few donations coming in from various sources and a minor issue with the hotel bill, but both those can only bring the total up. THANK YOU SO MUCH to the members of the committee, everyone who participated in the event and donated items to the raffle!!! Thanks as well to those, both attendees and non-attendees, who threw in “a little something extra” for the charity. Your kindness, generosity and support has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.

Timeline Video Challenge Logo

From webberphan: Thank you again to all the Fan Video Authors that submitted entries to the Timeline Fan Video Challenge. It was hugely successful. The 6 non-finalists videos were shown in the registration area and the Five Finalists were shown at the Main Event Dinner on Saturday night. Each entry was received with much attention and applause.

Congratulations to Em-Elle for her favorite video of One Moment in Time!

Visit here to view Em-Elle’s entry!!