09-20-10: Glamour UK Poll, MGP and Leprechaun Gerry

Glamour UK is hosting a Best Dressed Brit poll. Head on over there and vote for your favorite Scot!!

View pics from the Untitled Peter Farrelly Project (possibly named “Movie 43”).  Photos courtesy of Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios. Do not repost without permission.

Machine Gun Preacher moved production to South Africa earlier this month.  Not much in the way of news from that location, which is all good.  Nothing like getting work done being paparazzi free!  Meanwhile, browse the set pics from Michigan to get your MGP fix!

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON is coming to DVD on October 15!  Pre-order your copy from Amazon.com and help support GBNET!

It’s that time of year again!!  Time to head to New York City for the 6th Annual Birthday Bash.  This year’s bash is sponsored by the Gerard Butler Dot Charity Group and organized by the ladies at the Gerard Butler Global Fan Forum.  Click here for all the details, costs and contact information.

07-12-10: Gerard in Machine Gun Preacher, Support Kids Kicking Cancer

Gerard has started work on Machine Gun Preacher in Michigan.  View set photos here.

Machine Gun Preacher is the a biographical story of Childers, a drug-dealing biker who finds religion and dedicates his life to helping Sudanese children escape the Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa. Childers founded the Angels of East Africa, a Children’s Village in Southern Sudan, for the children he saves from the LRA.  Read more about the production…

Special Note: As always, we discourage fans from planning special road trips to visit the movie set (there is never a guarantee you will get a chance to meet Gerry, especially while he is working) and to use common courtesy when in the vicinity of the production.

In recognition of Gerard’s work in the Detroit area, we are running a small charity campaign for the Detroit-based charity, Kids Kicking Cancer, an organization Gerard has supported  for many years.
If you would like to contribute to the charity, visit their website.  For every $10 donated, we will enter you in a drawing to receive a Gerard Butler autographed Gamer poster or autographed Enniskarry Limo memo.  Send donation reciepts to events@gerardbutler.net (they do not have to be in $10 increments, if you submit a reciept for $30, you will get three entry numbers via email from us).

DO NOT DONATE TO OUR CHARITY FOUNDATION, only donation receipts going directly to KKC (through PayPal, Network for Good or by mail) will be accepted.

Donation receipts will be accepted until August 31, so if you mail your donation in, do it soon in order to recieve your receipt in time to submit it to us.  Drawings will be conducted on September 2.

The Bounty Hunter will be out on DVD tomorrow!  Support GerardButler.Net by ordering yours at Amazon.com!  Use the links below:

06-17-10: Gerard Butler Updates Back on Track

We took a little break after the madness that was the beginning of the year for Gerry’s career, but now we are back!  Thanks to everyone who continued to update the news, gallery, Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks also to Juliana for her continued Newsletter duties.  Things were always up to date, we just took a breather from the condensed updates.  😀

Now, back to business…

Machine Gun Preacher is still on track to begin filming in July in South Africa and Detroit.  Read more here and here

New photoshoot pics from Icon International were added to the gallery.   Lots of great shots of Gerard and even some of Lolita!


Filming in Serbia was completed on Coriolanus this Spring and the film is now in post production.  Stills from the film were posted earlier this month.

After completing work on Coriolanus in Serbia, Gerard made stops in Monaco, Cannes, Moscow and Scotland.  Click the thumbnails above for a look at galleries from the various events he attended.

On a trip home, Gerard lent his support to the charity First Response in Comrie by becoming a patron of the cause.  Read more…


Gerard has been nominted for a Teen Choice 2010 award in the category of Choice Actor: Romantic Comedy for his work in The Ugly Truth and The Bounty Hunter.  Read more and cast your vote…

07-10-08: RockNRolla’s North American Premiere in Toronto

RockNRolla has been added to the Special Presentation schedule at the Toronto International Film Festival. This will be the film’s North American Premiere. The official film schedule will be live on Tuesday, August 26. Gala and Visa Screening Room schedule available Tuesday, August 19. The festival runs from September 4 – 13. Read more…

Visit the TIFF official website for more information.