09-24-09: More from Urbanworld, LAC Advance Screenings

E! Online brings us coverage from the Law Abiding Citizen New York screening at the Urbanworld Film Festival.  Click the images below to watch!


Film Metro has added more advance screenings of Law Abiding Citizen to their schedule.   Screenings have been added in Arizona, New Mexico and Florida. Click here for more…

Overture Films says (via Twitter) to check Out “Extra” Tonight, Sep 24th for footage from Urbanworld premiere of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN @ 7:00 PM PST/EST on NBC!

Law Abiding Citizen (via Facebook) says to check out E! News and The Daily 10 Thursday, September 24th will air footage from the Urbanworld premiere of LAW ABIDING CITIZEN 7 PM, 11:30 PM, 3:30 AM Daily 10 – 7:30 PM, 12:30 PM.

09-21-09: Law Abiding Citizen on ‘Extra’

extraTune into Extra tomorrow, September 22, to see Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in an EXCLUSIVE Law Abiding Citizen clip!  (News via Twitter)

This is the last day for our Law Abiding Citizen Premiere Ticket Giveaway!!

Enter before 10pm ET tonight!  Winners will be chosen tomorrow by Law Abiding Citizen producer Alan Siegel.  😀

New Law Abiding Citizen clip from Collider.com Watch it below:

[edited on 9/21/09 at 6:31pm to add Collider.com video]