Nim’s Island Fan Site Conference Call Online

The Nim’s Island Fan Site Conference Call is now online for downloading.

Please “right-click and save” or “right-click and save target as” for one of the MP3 links below before listening to preserve bandwidth.

Thanks to Gerry and Fox Walden for giving the fans the opportunity to once again participate in a press junket! Thanks to Sue W. for representing GB.Net!

High Quality (10M) | Low Quality (2M)

03-07-08: Fan Site Conference Call Results, New Nim’s Island Treat


Stardoll has a new sneak peek of Nim’s Island on their site. Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up! Screen caps from the clip have been added to the gallery.

A new trailer is now available on the official website. Screencaps from this trailer are also available in the gallery.

Congratulations to Sue W. for her winning question in the fan site conference call challenge!! Sue will be representing GB.Net on the conference call with Gerry during the Nim’s Island press junket. The call will be scheduled for March 15 or 16, details to follow. See the complete results…


Law Abiding Citizen now has a home on MySpace. Add the page as one of your friends and start spreading the word about this exciting new project for Gerry!!


Voting is now OPEN!
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We have gotten several questions/concerns regarding the gallery updates in recent days (and old photos showing up as “new”). A full explanation is here addressing these concerns. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Gieselle and she will be more than happy to help you in any way she can.