7-23-09: Part 2 New Gamer Clip

There is a new “Gamer” clip available. Please be advised that it is rated R for violence and language.
Click the image below to view the clip:

05-04-09: Game News and the Kids from Slumdog

The Los Angeles Times has another pic of Gerard in Game, with co-star Michael C. Hall.  View more in the gallery.  Thanks as well to akseabird at Flickr for more on-set pics here.

Gerard Butler spends the day with the child stars of the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire in India on Saturday, May 2.  View more pictures here and here.

04-17-09: April Fools for Game?

Gerard Butler in Game

[UPDATED 4-22-09] Back to square one!  The announcement of the renaming of Game to Citizen Game turns out to be an April Fools joke from directors Neveldine and Taylor (done on March 31, go figure)!  The film is still titled Game, BUT will be renamed eventually. Considering some of the comments we received about the title Citizen Game, this isn’t a bad thing. 😀  Of course, this could be just another way to get people to talk about a film that changes release dates so often we are having Pathology flashbacks!

A few other details from their interview with Collider.com:

  • The release date is September 4, 2009.
  • They have big plans for Comic Con 2009 in July.
  • The test screenings for the film have been positive.

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03-31-09: Game Becomes ‘Citizen Game’

Gerard Butler in Game
Lionsgate Movies has announced, via their Twitter page, that Game has been renamed “Citizen Game” and the release date is September 4, 2009.  Thanks to Sharon for the heads up!


Thanks to Scarlett and Elyse for more fan photos from the Jameson Empire Awards and Philadelphia.  Additional photos from the awards have been added to the gallery as well.  Click the images to view more.

Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up on the video interview below by the Evening Standard from the Jameson Empire Awards.  Screencaps are in the gallery.