We’ve Got A Whole New Look!

It’s been quite a few years since we updated the look of GBNET, but in the thick of social media mayhem and how people get their information we decided it was time to update with a focus on social media and getting you all the latest news and photos as quickly as possible via your preferred method of information gathering.

We’ve moved the latest news and images to the top of the website, the website announcements to the bottom (but you can still get these via email subscription) with our Facebook and Twitter feeds that will show on every page of the website (except for the individual article pages and gallery).

We will continue to post to Facebook and Twitter in addition to the website.  We have also added a Google+ page for GBNET where new info will also be sent to.

There is still work to be done.  You will see some old pages in the news section while we work through updating that section and other areas while we clean things up and updating other things.

For a look at the evolution of the website, you can always look back at your favorite designs from the past.

Thanks for all your patience today while we set things up!!  Let us know what you think!!