02-24-10: APJ Auction, Premiere Dates, HTTYD Contest

Artists for Peace and JusticeArtists for Peace and Justice (APJ) has partnered with popular online auction site CharityBuzz.com for a special celebrity awards-themed auction that will begin on February 24th which includes Gerard’s tuxedo worn at this year’s Golden Globes and One-of-a-kind Haiti print signed by Gerard and other celebs.  Read more…

With two movies opening in March, there are several dates for US and UK premieres.  Gerard’s attendance at these premieres is, as always, not guaranteed.

March 11
UK The Bounty Hunter Premiere
Vue West End Cinema Leicester Square – London 
March 16
US The Bounty Hunter Premiere
Zeigfeld Theatre – New York City
March 21
US How To Train Your Dragon Premiere
Location TBA – Los Angeles

A premiere video contest and sweepstakes connected with How To Train Your Dragon is being held at Train-Your-Dragon.com.  The contest and sweepstakes end March 8, 2010 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET.

Below is just one of the many HTTYD vingettes playing during the NBC broadcast of the Olympic Games from Vancouver.  For more, visit Trailer Addict.


New HQ stills from The Bounty Hunter have been added to the gallery.  View more here…


Law Abiding Citizen was the #1 in DVD and Blu-ray rentals and sales for the week of February 16.  Read more…

02-02-10: Pre-Grammy Party, Hello Magazine

Gerard took in a pre-Grammy party hosted by his Law Abiding citizen co-star Jamie Foxx on Friday, January 29 in Los Angeles.  View larger pic…

Reelz Channel caught up with Gerard at the Artists for Peace and Justice art auction in Santa Monica last week. Watch the video below:

Hello Magazine
While Gerard placed 4th in the 2009 end of the year Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll, he starts 2010 as one of January’s monthly candidates and a chance to be in the 2010 end of the year poll.  Cast your votes today!  Please note that you are only allowed to vote once every 15 minutes.

Amy MacDonald inspired by Gerard Butler
Scottish musician Amy MacDonald recently released her song Ordinary Life as she launches her new album A Curious Thing.  She tells the Daily Record that Gerard inspired the track:  

I was at Gerry Butler’s premiere in Glasgow. At party, Gerry told me he loved me and had me on his iPod.

I stayed in the background but felt bad because so many people were talking to him.

He had the premiere here because he wanted his family to come and was trying to talk to them while other people were hounding him.

He must have posed for 100 photos and it made me realise I want to hold on to my ordinary life.

Gerry doesn’t know he inspired the song but maybe one day he might want to use it in a film.

Listen to the song, Ordinary Life, here

12-27-09: Law Abiding Citizen on DVD

Law Abiding Citizen has been given a release date of February 16, 2010. The DVD includes the special features:

  • Audio Commentary Featuring Producers Lucas Foster and Alan Siegal
  • The Justice System; Law In Black and White – Behind the Scenes with Director F. Gary Gray, Producer Lucas Foster and Actors Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx
  • Preliminary Arguments – The Visual Effects of Law Abiding Citizen
  • The Verdict – Winning Trailer Mash-up!

The Blu-Ray includes the Unrated Director’s Cut!

Pre-order yours today using the links below!

10-17-09: Law Abiding Citizen Friday Box Office

Law Abiding CitizenLaw Abiding Citizen took in $7.5 million of the estimated Friday box office to take second place behind Where the Wild Things Are.  A healthy start to the weekend!! Read more…

Get to the theater this weekend to support Law Abiding Citizen!!  Buy movie tickets in advance at Fandango.com for Law Abiding Citizen opening today in 2900 theaters nationwide in the US!

Have you seen Law Abiding Citizen?   Rate it on these sites to let other movie goers know what you think!:  Rotten TomatoesIMDBFandangoMovieTickets.com

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Gerard Butler on Saturday Night Live
Gerard will appear on  Saturday Night Live TONIGHT, October 17 and MTV’s It’s On Alexa Chung on Monday, October 19.  Show your support for Gerry on SNL here. Go Gerry!!  We can’t wait!!