04-13-10: Gerard in Haiti for Artists for Peace and Justice

Gerard made a visit to Haiti with Ben Stiller, Paul Haggis, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde and Sean Penn with the non-profit, Artists for Peace and Justice. View more pictures… | Read about the visit…

In an article he wrote for USA Today, Gerard says about his recent charity efforts with Kids Kicking Cancer:

Kids Kicking CancerEvery contribution makes a difference. Along with my support of Haiti, I’ve had a long-standing involvement with the charity Kids Kicking Cancer. Started by Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg — a martial arts black belt who lost his first child to leukemia — KKC teaches kids with cancer or cancer-related illnesses the healing, mind-body themes of martial arts training. They learn methods of relaxation, meditation, pain management, deep breathing and karate — all of which provide them with a sense of purpose, teamwork and unity. The children I meet as part of my work with KKC are such an inspiration to me. I get so much more back from these kids than I give. The power, the strength and the sheer joy in these kids — many fighting for their lives and in chronic pain — is incredible.

Video from The Bounty Hunter premiere in Berlin (caution – audio is a bit louding and grating):

Spain press junket interview for The Bounty Hunter:

02-16-10: Gerard in Rio, Sport Relief Charity

Gerard is one of the celebs lending his help to Sport Relief.  As one of the UK’s biggest charity fundraising events, Sport Relief brings people together to get active, raise money and change lives through events and merchandise sales (they do not ship outside the UK). The Sport Relief Weekend is taking place from Friday 19 March to Sunday 21 March 2010 and it’ll be three whole days of energy, entertainment and events for everyone to enjoy, so come on and get involved. Visit http://www.sportrelief.com for more info.

Gerard has been enjoying the events of Carnavale 2010 in Rio this week with friend Rodrigo Santoro and Madonna.  Click the images above for pics from Brahma Beer Box at Rio de Janeiro’s Sambadrome and Parade at the Sambadome .

View video from one of the events below:

Kids Kicking Cancer
Thank you again to everyone who donated to our Kids Kicking Cancer campaign, a final total will be posted soon. The winner of the Date with Gerry has decided to donate the date to one of the children in the KKC program and we will be making arrangements for that on her behalf.  Thank you Dyan for your kind gesture!!!

02-14-10: Happy Valentine’s Day, KKC Winner, Career News


Kids Kicking Cancer
WOW!!  Thank you to everyone for their support and generosity in our Kids Kicking Cancer donation campaign!!  While we will wait to report a final total so we can reconcile our records with the folks over at Kids Kicking Cancer, we have chosen the recipient for the DATE WITH GERARD BUTLER!!

Congratulations to Dyan in GA!!  You’ve been selected as the recipient of the Date with Gerry!

All other recipients are now listed on our campaign page.  All those chosen have been notified via email, but if your name is listed and you did not receive an email from us (those with AOL emails may not have – please try to contact us with a non-AOL email), please let us know at events@gerardbutler.net.


We have added a career page for an Untitled Peter Farrelly/Charles Wessler Project.  This is a feature-film comprised of short comedy segments and is a probable one-day project for Gerry.

In addition, Film in Serbia reports that Dragan Micanovic to play Titus in Coriolanus still scheduled to begin filming next month.  Follow the project’s development on the Film in Serbia website or join their Facebook page.

A reminder that Law Abiding Citizen will be out on DVD on Tuesday, February 16!  Pre-order it on DVD or Blu-Ray from Amazon.com and help support GerardButler.net!!

02-12-10: Kids Kicking Cancer Campaign Update

Kids Kicking Cancer
First, thank you to everyone who has shown such tremendous support for our fundraising campaign to help Kids Kicking Cancer. We are overwhelmed by your support and generosity!!!

Second, we wanted to give a timeline for the last days of the campaign. You may continue to send in your proof of donations to us via our campaign form AFTER making your donation directly to Kids Kicking Cancer via Network for Good until February 14 at 4pm EST. All checks received by tomorrow, February 13, will be processed before Feb. 14 at 4pm.  DO NOT fill out the form if you sent in a check, we will do that for you.

The last two set visit recipients will be chosen tomorrow, February 13 after 4pm EST (UPDATED: Recipients chosen are: Elizabeth V. from Okatie, SC and Hyun A. from Williamsport, MD).  The Date with Gerry will be awarded sometime after 6pm EST on Sunday, February 14.

All totals reported so far are estimated and donations made by recipients of all giveaway gifts will be verified with Kids Kicking Cancer before the gifts are processed.

Thank you again and GOOD LUCK!!!!

The Bounty Hunter has a new poster and the official website has been updated with wallpapers, icons, photos and cast/crew listings.  Visit http://www.thepursuitbegins.com/ for all the latest!!