11-14-09: Gerard on Jonathan Ross

Watch a portion of Gerard’s appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross below.  This is the entire interview.

Show Intro – In the Green Room

BBC America will air this episode with Gerard on Friday, November 20 in the United States.  Check your television provider for availability of BBC America in your area.

Edited on 11/14/09 – Added entire interview embed from YouTube.

08-05-09: The Ugly Truth UK Premiere Coverage

Thanks to Sharon for the video from Team England at the premiere.  She writes that she didn’t get Rob Luketic on video but “He just said hello to everyone at Gerardbutler.net.  He was very sweet.”  Thanks Rob!  See the video below:

The Ugly Truth Premiere – Part One (big screen interview):

The Ugly Truth Premiere – Part Two (signing autographs):

Coverage from The Ugly Truth European Premiere in London from Sony Pictures. More have been added to our YouTube Favorites page.

Today Online interview from Australia. Thanks to FOXYMORON for the link!


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08-04-09: More Gerard in London, New Gamer Clip

Pics from the UK premiere of The Ugly Truth held in London are available in the gallery.

Thanks to Jo and Sharon for providing the tweets from the red carpet in London!  You ladies were great! Looking forward to the video!!

If you have photos from the premiere, send them to us at gallery @ gerardbutler.net and we’ll be happy to share them with the fans!

New Gamer TV Spot on CHUD

CHUD had a new EXCLUSIVE TV spot from GAMER.  Click here to view.

08-04-09: Gerard Butler in London

The Ugly Truth premiere in Leicester Square

Fans have started lining up for the premiere of The Ugly Truth in London.  Follow us on Twitter for news and pics from fans already there! No Twitter? No problem!  Follow along on this page.

A live webcam of Leicester Square is also available here.

Gerard signed autographs and posed with fans outside of GMTV yesterday.  View more pics in the gallery. Thanks to mata090680 @ livejournal for the hi-res pics!