09-08-08: Gerard Butler Press Conference Photos

More photos from Toronto have been added to the gallery.

Added two additional photos to the Daniel Smith photoshoot gallery.

Thanks to webberphan and Gieselle for more screen caps from Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

MAG tarts
Images from the 2008 US Charity Convention have been added to GB.net. Click here to visit the convention photo album.

Don’t forget to visit I Need My Fix to enter their drawing for a picture of Gerard autographed in Toronto! Thanks to Anne!

08-08-08: Gerry and The Police

Gerry attends The Police Reunion Concert at Madison Square Garden.  Visit the gallery for more pictures.

The August 2008 newsletter has been sent out.  Many, many thanks to Julianna for putting it all together.  If you are not currently a newsletter subscriber, the online version will be available on August 10.

There are still three days left before we close the suggestion box for possible locations to compliment the 2009 Glasgow event scheduled for October 24-25.  Currently we have volunteers/suggestions for the following cities: Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York City, Chicago, Tokyo, Alaska and Little Rock.  Get more information…


Many thanks to webberphan for more screencaps from Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.  More…

08-03-08: Comic Con, Lucy Sullivan and Empire

Comic Con RockNRolla Panel
Many thanks
to angeleno for more terrific shots from the Comic Con RockNRolla panel now in the gallery!

More kudos to webberphan for more screen caps from the Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married DVD!

Game in Empire Magazine - September 2008

Thanks to Jo at Still Gerard for the Game article in Empire Magazine (September 2008)!  Read the article…

GB.Net is a full time job that a few of us work on daily.  Thanks to the wonderful people who help in maintaining our gallery and news section (Gieselle, Maryp, DaisyMay and Stagewomanjen), things run smoothly, but we still have a few areas we could use some help in.  If you are computer savvy and want to help with things like maintaining the TV/Event calendar, fan list, our MySpace (experience with MySpace required) and assist in composing the monthly newsletter, send us an email to gb.net @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @ before send the email) to be considered.  No membership on any forum or list required.

We always get more volunteers than we need when we ask for assistance, so thanks in advance for understanding if we don’t have spots for everyone, but double thanks for volunteering in the first place!! 😀

07-29-08: RockNRolla Posters, New Trailer and More!

RockNRolla Poster with Gerard Butler Comic Con RockNRolla Poster Comic Con Warner Bros. Booth RockNRolla Poster
A new quad poster has been released for RockNRolla in the UK.  Also added, the poster from the Warner Bros. booth at Comic Con to the gallery.  The UK release date has been set for September 5.

Check out the NEW footage from the official UK site for RockNRolla!  Click on “Are you a RockNRolla?”

Thanks to Ember, SandyW and webberphan for more multimedia from Comic Con and RockNRolla:

Do you have pics from Comic Con? Contact Gieselle at gieselle @ gerardbutler.net (remove spaces around @ before sending) to add them to the gallery!!

RockNRolla Poster Contest Winner Game Movie Poster Winner
Congratulations to our two winners in the Movie Poster Design contest!! We will be in touch shortly to get your information for your special autographed items from Gerry!!  Thank you to all who entered and voted.  Keep checking back for our next contest coming soon!!


Added more screen caps from the Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married DVD.  Many thanks to webberphan.