01-24-09: More of the ‘Gerard and Jamie Show’ from Philadelphia City Hall

Gerard Butler and Mayor Michael Nutter

MyFox Philadelphia brings us another video, Star Power Has City Leaders Seeing Dollar Signs, from the January 23 news conference with the mayor and cast/crew of Law Abiding Citizen.  Many thanks to Sharon for being on the ball, working well into the UK night and putting screencaps in the gallery.  Screencaps from yesterday’s 6ABC video have also been added.

Thanks once again to Philly Chit Chat for some great pics from the press conference with Gerard, Alan Siegel, Sharon Pinkenson, Mayor Michael Nutter and Jamie Foxx.  Hugh also sent us some additional photos which you can view in the gallery, along with ones from Just Jared.  Thanks again to Sharon for working so hard with Hugh and others in getting us some great photos!

We have already heard from Carol in Philly, were you at the press conference too?  Leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

With the obvious comraderie between the actors and directors of the film, we are VERY excited about this film that Gerry has worked so hard on and, of course, pulling for its success. How excited are YOU for the film? Cast your vote here! or on the homepage left sidebar.


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01-23-09: Law Abiding Citizen Cast Brings the Funny to Philly City Hall

Gerard, Jamie Foxx and F. Gary Gray had some fun at Philadelphia City Hall today as Mayor Michael Nutter presented the cast and crew of Law Abiding Citizen with a Liberty Bell.  Jamie did an impersonation of the Mayor to the delight of City workers, while Gerard complained about always being paired with Oscar winners…

Gerard Butler stepped to the mike and jokingly complained that he was tired of getting second billing in films starring Academy Award winners (like Foxx), and hoisted the bell, proclaiming: “this is my Oscar.”

Gerard Butler at Philadelphia City Hall
Check out the video of the news conference at 6ABC Action News Philadelphia…

Read more… | More pics…

Hugh over at Philly Chit Chat was there and sent us this photo.   Check out his blog for more set pics from yesterday and he will hopefully have others from the news conference up later tonight.  Thanks again Hugh!

01-22-09: Law Abiding Citizen Gets Down to Business in Philly

F. Gary Gray by PhillybitsJamie Foxx by PhillybitsLaw Abiding Citizen has begun filming in Philadelphia with Jamie Foxx and director F. Gary Gray outside City Hall.  Thanks to Scene in Philly for the pics from yesterday’s first day.  Please ask permission from Phillybits before reposting these pics elsewhere.

Mayor Michael Nutter will welcome the cast and crew, including Gerard, to the city tomorrow at 1:30pm.  Read more…