09-17-08: Men’s Health, Japan and More!

Check out the pics from Men’s Health on Just Jared!

Articles with highlights from the October 2008 issue have been added to the news database.  To read the complete article, pickup your copy at retailers today!

Gerard Butler in Japan
Thanks to Kathalina for sharing her video from the PSILY press conference in Japan. Please DO NOT repost this video without permission.

09-11-08: Gerard Butler on E! News Now!

View the latest from E! News Now on Gerard’s Men’s Health interview in the October 2008 edition (with LOTS of footage from the photoshoot)!

09-10-08: Gerard in October 2008 Men’s Health

Gerry makes the cover of the October 2008 edition of Men’s Health Magazine! Due to a previous request from the publisher, we won’t be adding the pics to the gallery, so all you get are the tiny teasers above (source), but we are positive you will all be running out to pick up your copy at your local book seller!  😀

Many thanks to Paisley for sharing her pics from the Japanese PS, I Love You premiere in Tokyo!

Thanks to manon and abe-san for their pics of Gerard arriving at Narita International Airport.


Film24 Meets the Stars of RockNRolla (thanks to mjbooklady for the find!)