01-06-09: Law Abiding Citizen Adds to Cast

Gerard Butler stars in Law Abiding CitizenMichael Gambon, Leslie Bibb, Colm Meaney and Theresa Randle have joined the cast of Law Abiding Citizen which is set to begin filming on January 21 in Philadelphia.

“The Longest Yard” screenwriter Sheldon Turner recently came on to do production work on the script.  Writers Kurt Wimmer (“The Recruit”), David Ayer (“Harsh Times”) and Frank Darabont (“The Mist”), who was once in line to direct “Citizen,” have worked on the script.

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Gerard is currently in the running for January’s Actor2Watch4 at Ones2Watch4.com. Other candidates include Ben Barnes, Robert Pattinson and Lee Pace. Click here to cast your vote!