08-14-09: Law Abiding Citizen HD Trailer, New Gamer Clip

The Law Abiding Citizen trailer is now on Apple.com in HD.  Check it out!

Hi-res screen caps have been added to the gallery.  View more…

Lots of blogging going on about the trailer!  Just a sample of what people are saying:

“Normally I do not like siding with bad guys but few movies paint a vigilante feel like Boondock Saints, that make you love the bad guys motives and destruction versus the everyday dudes caught in the middle. This movie is exactly that and Gerard Butler looks sensational and bad ass!” – FusedFilm

“…the movie explodes into a complex thriller akin to a Bourne movie. That’s what really hooks me. Gerard Butler goes from wounded man desperate for justice to super-spy bringing down the walls upon the establishment. Sign my action-loving ass up.” – Film School Rejects

“Both leads look on fine form, and there’s also a terrific supporting cast to look forward to, in Bruce McGill, Colm Meaney and Michael Gambon.”Empire Online

“This is another one of those revenge stories, but you just wait, it starts to get a bit interesting part of the way through. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting anything special – boy was I wrong! This looks awesome, I can’t wait to see how it plays out and what the heck is even going on!”FirstShowing

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The movie opens October 16, 2009 in the US.

A new clip, called “Brother” is now online.  GAMER opens in theaters September 4.

08-13-09: Law Abiding Citizen Website Launched

Law Abiding Citizen Official Website

The official website for Law Abiding Citizen has been launched.  Nothing much to see yet (trailer should be linked shortly), but you can register for email updates on the site!  Follow the film on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Law-Abiding-Citizen/78414982165)  and Twitter (http://twitter.com/AbidingCitizen) as well!


Read an interview, The New Romantic, from Red Magazine (UK).  Thanks to Jude!

07-30-09: Gamer Interviews, New LAC Release Date

Gerard talks about what attracted him to GAMER, his physical structure in the film, the style of Neveldine and Taylor, the look and feel of GAMER, how 300 prepared him to play Kable and what audiences can expect.

Directors Neveldine and Taylor talk about casting Gerard Butler:

New Clip from Gamer (source: CinemaBlend)

Check out the two new international posters for Gamer!


Listen to The Ugly Truth press conference (42 minutes long with some language). Click here to listen.


MORE on set photos from filming of The Bounty with Jennifer Aniston have been added to the gallery!

The release date for Law Abiding Citizen has been moved up from March 26, 2010 to October 16, 2009.  This date is still subject to change, but is listed by Overture Films as the current release date.  Tell us what you think in the poll below, and/or leave us a comment!

What do you think of the new release date for Law Abiding Citizen (October 16, 2009)?

  • Yeah! More Gerard on the big screen sooner! (60%, 257 Votes)
  • Unsure. Could be good, could be bad. (14%, 60 Votes)
  • Nay! What's the rush? Too many GB films released too close together. (26%, 111 Votes)

Total Voters: 428

Poll End Date: August 16, 2009 @ 12:00 am

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02-26-09: Law Abiding Citizen Release Tentatively Set

Overture FilmsOverture Films, the distributor for Law Abiding Citizen, has tentatively set the release date for the film as March 26, 2010.  Read more…

In more LAC news, actor Jamie Foxx was injured while playing basketball in Philadelphia.  While the injury was not as serious as the article makes it out to be (it was only a sprain), it reportedly did cut short filming at Holmesburg Prison yesterday, but the film is still on schedule.  Read more…

Thanks once again to HughE over at Philly Chit Chat for sharing photos of Gerard from New York Fashion Week.

Check out HughE’s blog for what he had to say about his short conversation with Gerry about working in Philadelphia.  One small note about Hugh’s blog and his reference to Gerard on Twitter. We checked with Alan Siegel and the person on Twitter is NOT Gerard Butler.  Gerry doesn’t even know what Twitter is!   😀

We are happy to announce that the Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group has just sent another check to Kids Kicking Cancer for $1700.  This was the balance of the birthday charity campaign AND the cookbook and ornament sales at CafePress.  Thanks to everyone who donated and purchased the cookbook and ornaments.  Check your emails for notification to the winner of the autographed gift if you submitted an entry from your cookbook purchase!

Gerard Butler . Net Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignOur Valentine Wishes Campaign will run through March 15.  This will be the last organized fundraising campaign of 2009 until the late summer when things will start heating up for October’s Global Birthday Celebration.    We will update the donation totals tomorrow.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far!!