09-03-08: Gerard Butler Heads Back to Japan

Gerard is tentatively scheduled to appear at the September 10 premiere of PS, I Love You in Japan at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.  We have confirmed this information with his management, but as with all appearances, his participation is subject to change.  Thanks to manon at GerardButler.jp for the heads up on this!


has three new videos on their website.  They include exclusive premiere report, “Is there a robbery?” clip and “You’re going in the drink” clip.  Thanks to mjbooklady for the links!

Thanks to Lilyrose for the link to this premiere video from BiographyChannelUK on YouTube!

More premiere footage from Leicester Square TV – www.lsq.tv! This video also available on YouTube.  Check it out for some great coverage of Gerry on the red carpet!

Another exclusive clip “Nice shoes” is at BBC Radio 1 Movies! Click here to view!


Thanks to Crosswest and Helen for their photos from the RockNRolla World Premiere!

Screencaps from the BBC premiere video are now available in the gallery.  Thanks to Gieselle!  Articles from the Daily Record and the Daily Star are also now available.  Thanks to Lorna!

The RockNRolla soundtrack is now available for pre-order at Amazon.com. The disc is scheduled for release in the US on September 30. If you can’t wait, order it now from Amazon UK.


Gerry is in this weeks Hello Magazine Most Attractive Man poll!  Cast your vote here!  A win in the weekly vote gets him into the monthly vote and a win in the monthly vote would get him a place in the end of the year vote.

07-14-08: Gerard Butler Dot Net Contests and Polls


In anticipation for the hype from Comic Con and the release of RockNRolla and Game in theaters, Gerard Butler Dot Net is running a movie poster design contest for these two films.

Visit the contest page for the rules and submission guidelines (they’re not too complicated, we swear!!)

When completed, submit your entry to us at pics @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @). You MUST include a list of sources you used to obtain the images as well as your name and valid email. We will post them all in a special gallery as they are received. One poster per movie per person please. All entries must be received by 5:00pm EST on July 18, 2008. Online voting will run from July 19 – July 21, 2008. The winners for each film will receive an AUTOGRAPHED item from Gerard and their posters will be featured on our front page until the opening of the films!!


In recognition of the fact that times are tight and traveling has become more expensive, we want to get some feedback on plans for next years convention.

Traditionally, we would be going back to Glasgow. We still want to do that, but know that many will not be able to make the trip because of the costs, so the below survey is meant to figure out how many people definitely can afford to attend, how many would be interested in attending regional or local events (abroad AND the US) on the same date in a type of “worldwide” event held simultaneously. Cast your vote here!


The Summer 2008 Newsletter has been sent out. If you have not subscribed, the newsletter will be available online on July 18, 2008. If you would like to subscribe, visit our subscription page.

2008 Gerard Butler New York City Birthday Bash

The 4th Annual New York City Birthday Bash is now in the planning stages. We are very pleased to announce that this year our party will be held on Saturday October 25th from 3-8 pm at Stout on 133 West 33rd Street in NYC with our “after-party” being held at St. Andrews 120 West 44th Street NYC. Visit the Gerard Butler Global Fans message board for planning information, or email us at events @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @) and we’ll forward your information to the organizers so you can receive regular updates and registration information. Banner credit: RRuin


Don’t forget! Nim’s Island is out on DVD August 5. Pre-order your copy now and help support Gerard Butler Dot Net!

Gerard Butler 2009 Calendar

Also available: 2009 Gerard Butler Calendar!


Added images from the July 13 edition of the Sunday Mail.