04-07-10: PopSugar Poll, Coriolanus News

Cast your vote for Gerry in Round 1 of the PopSugar Playoffs!!  Poll is open until April 14.

Catch up on the production of Coriolanus at 30Ninjas.com!  Read up on what’s been filmed so far and see exclusive pics!

Blic Online reports that Gerry will join the production shortly.  Read more…

Gerard made a trip to Scotland to surprise his parents on their 25th anniversary and visited The Boho Club in Glasgow.  View gallery…Read more…

03-08-10: Gerard Dazzles at the Oscars!

Gerard made his first appearance at the Academy Awards, serving as a presenter for best visual effects, and dazzled on the red carpet.  View pictures below:

On the red carpet:

Hanging with George Clooney on the red carpet:

Presenting Best Visual Effects with Bradley Cooper to the Avatar team:

In the Oscar press room with the Best Visual Effects winners:

View more in the gallery…

At the Governor’s Ball with Barbra Streisand and James Brolin:

View more in the gallery…


Gerard on the red carpet, courtesy of PopSugar:

Gerard on the red carpet, courtesy of CBS:

Oscar nominee Gabourey Sidibe doesn’t mince words about her feeling towards Gerry!  You go Gaby!

Gerard counts his blessings at an Artists for Peace and Justice event, thanks to PopSugar: