10-29-08: Gerard Butler Writes A Script?!

Many, many thanks to jade-eyes for the above from GQ (Japan) [view here]. Thanks as well for her translation of a tidbit from the article:

Gerry tells that he is writing a script based on a best seller series! It will be a kind of meeting of Jason Bourne and James Bond. Gerry will be a lead as well as a producer.

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Thanks to Men’s Vogue for additional images from the Michel Comte photoshoot [view here] as well as the complete article.

Thanks to Foxymoron for these scans from The Sunday Mail (Australia).

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09-05-08: Gerard Butler in Toronto!

Gerard, Guy Ritchie and the rest of the cast attended the North American premiere of RockNRolla at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Red carpet and after party pictures have been added to the gallery.

TIFF highlights from YouTube “Girl in the corner” or “Don’t squeeze the cheek” video 😀 …

Interview with Gerard about RockNRolla from RealVideo TV…

Arriving at the TIFF premiere…

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More newspaper press has been added to the gallery.


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09-04-08: Gerard Butler in the News!

Added more newspaper press to the gallery.  Thanks to Lorna for The Guardian article.

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A new video interview with Gerard can be found on Empire Online.  Thanks to Emerald for the heads up!



RockNRolla has its North American premiere this evening in Toronto.  Check back here for up to the minute updates as they come in from TIFF!!