02-10-11: An Unbelievable TEN Years with Gerard Butler!

WOW, we can’t believe it, but it’s true …. Gerard Butler Dot Net is celebrating its TEN year anniversary!
We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since three friends decided to create a place for people to learn about a little-known actor who played Dracula and Attila.  How time flies and how things change!!!  We couldn’t be happier to still be here and still supporting a man we have come to call “friend” through all his success and hard work.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the countless hours of help from volunteers who help manage our gallery, news and newsletter.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the countless contributions from fans across the globe who send in their pictures and news finds.  We couldn’t do what we do without the continued support of Gerry, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson (thanks guys!!) and the film professionals who send us project news and updates!!

Every year so many of you want to wish Gerard a Happy Valentine’s Day, we at GerardButler.Net strive to make those wishes also benefit those in need. Instead of sendings cards and gifts, we ask that you use the same amount you would have spent on those things and donate it to Kids Kicking Cancer. Over the last four years, GB.Net has raised over $60,000 during this campaign.  This year’s campaign will run until March 15, 2011.  Click here to donate and leave a Valentine’s message for Gerry!


Coriolanus will be featured in competition at the Berlinale Film Festival on February 14, with additional screenings on February 15.  Click here for more information. | View more pictures from The Sunday Times UK

The Weinstein Company is negotiating for U.S. distribution rights to Coriolanus.  Read more…

Test screenings of Machine Gun Preacher have been conducted and early feedback is positive for this highly dramatic film.  Have you seen the film?  Drop us a note in comments and tell us what you think!  Read more…


Gerard attends the Audi & Weinstein Company Party Sponsored By Godiva Chocolate Vodka in honor of the Academy Award nominated film, The King’s Speech.  View more pictures…

Thanks to ELEW for sharing  pictures of Gerard at his gig in January.  View more pictures…

12-25-10: Happy Holidays Gerard Butler Update

Happy Holidays to all our visitors far and wide from everyone at GerardButler.Net. May you enjoy peace, happiness and success in the coming year.  Holiday message for Gerry can be left in our Virtual Fan Mail.


Once again, Gerard has made it to Hello Magazine’s Most Attractive Man of the Year Finale Vote. Cast your vote here!

Playing the Field, a new comedy from Gerard’s production company, is set to start production in March 2011 in and around the Shreveport, Louisiana area. Read more…


Ralph Fiennes will bring Coriolanus to Berlin for its international debut.  Read more…

How To Train Your Dragon netted 15 nominations for the Annie Awards, including one for Gerard for his voice work as Stoick the Vast in the film.  Congrats to Gerry and the cast!!!  Read more…

Watch more below!!

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05-07-10: More Gerard on the set of Coriolanus, MGP Casting

The Daily Mail has a series of production photos from Coriolanus.  The movie continues to film in Serbia.  View more pics…

Cath Clarke from The Guardian gets an up close look at Coriolanus.  Read the on set report…

While working in Belgrade, Gerard has the chance to take in the Serbian Open tournament.  View more pictures…

The Bounty Hunter is now available on Amazon.com for pre-order.  Help support GerardButler.Net by pre-ordering yours today!!


Machine Gun Preacher is currently casting for a variety of roles. Click here for more info. Deadline for submissions is May 15.

04-29-10: Gerard on set in Belgrade

Gerard is hard at work on Coriolanus in Belgrade.  Coriolanus is the directorial debut for Ralph Fiennes, who also plays the title role.  Gerard portays Tullus Aufidius.    View more pics…

Read more about the production from the Serbian press:

Gerard talks to ITN about Coriolanus:

Production Weekly reports that Machine Gun Preacher, The story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children, plans to begin production in July in Michigan (and possibly June in Pennsylvania).  Read more…

Due to some exciting things going on in her life, our long-time “reviews” news assistant, StagewomanJen,  has decided to step down.  Jen’s responsibilities was handling the posting of movie reviews to our website archives.  We are now actively looking for someone to take her place.  If you are interested, please contact us at contact @ gerardbutler.net.    We thank Jen for her help and friendship over the last few years and wish her the best.  Luv ya Jen!!!  😀