08-25-09: Gamer Multimedia, Gallery Additions

Photos from a press junket held on Saturday, August 22 in New York City have been added to the gallery.  Along with an interview from USA Today and the Associated Press.

An additional image from the Los Angeles Times interview of last month has also been added.

And even more pics from work on The Bounty in New York City.

A whole series of clips, b-rolls and TV spots has been released by Lionsgate for GAMER.  They can all be viewed at Trailer Addict in various sizes and HD.

Watch a few of them below:

A new clip called “Van Rescue”:

TV Spot “Inside”:

B-Roll 1, 2 and 3:

A preview of GAMER, along with an interview with Gerard will air on Spike TV on Friday, August 28 at 9pm during the broadcast of Resident Evil.  Check your local television provider for channel information in your area.