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Have you got your RockNRolla DVD?   If you still haven’t seen the film, take a peek below at what you are missing!

For more videos and interviews with The Blokes (Gerard, Idris and Company), visit our RockNRolla Video Clip page. In addition, thanks to DottyinCA for the screencaps that have been added to the gallery.

And if you haven’t yet rated the film, we have made it even easier! Every film can be rated and a fan review can be submitted right on the film pages themselves! The top five fan-rated films will appear on the front page of the website as a guide to new fans. Review and rate RockNRolla now!

Check out the new Nim’s Island screencaps. We know, we know! We are behind in the screencap department, but a big round of applause for our new gallery managers who are finally getting us back on track!

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10-07-08: Gerard Butler at LA RockNRolla Premiere Tue, 07 Oct 2008 04:32:04 +0000 Gerard Butler Net

Images from Gerard’s appearance at the Los Angeles premiere of RockNRolla have been added to the gallery.

Stay tuned for coverage of his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno!!

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09-05-08: More RockNRolla from the UK Fri, 05 Sep 2008 17:20:25 +0000 Gerard Butler Net RockNRolla has been released in the UK and more video is now emerging. Here’s the latest:



Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up on both videos!


Thanks to Donya for sharing her pics from the RockNRolla world premiere!

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08-13-08: Want to See RockNRolla in MORE Theaters? Wed, 13 Aug 2008 13:31:30 +0000 Gerard Butler Net

By now many of our visitors have read the article from the Los Angeles Times about RockNRolla and its limited North American release (3 cities on October 8 and 800 cities on October 31).

So, what to do?  If you, your family members, your friends and everyone else you know want to see this “English film” in a theater near you, let’s start the campaign for that to happen now!  With a cast that includes not only Gerry, but Idris Elba, Jeremy Piven, Chris Bridges (Ludacris), Tom Wilkinson and Thandie Newton, it would be a shame that more people would miss out on the chance to see this film on the big screen!

Consider voicing your support and we can send the message to Warner Bros. that this film deserves a wide release and a little marketing money!  Let them know that we love “English films”!  Use any or all of the links below!

> Comment on this post. No registration required.  We will forward the post link to Warner Bros. so they can read your comments and feedback.  Also register where you live in our RockNRolla state poll.

> Join our Facebook page and post us a message on our note about the film!  Share it with your Facebook friends! (Registration required)

> Join the One Two RockNRolla MySpace and the GerardButler Dot Net MySpace pages. Comment, post links to them in your bulletins and blogs to spread the word about Guy Ritchie’s latest and how to show support for the film. (Registration required)

> Add your comment on Patrick Goldstein’s blog at the Los Angeles Times. Always remember, calm, articulate and informed comments work best to get your message across.  (Registration not required)

We know Gerry’s fans support his films, but we also know there are more people out there who want to see the latest from Guy Ritchie!

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06-24-08: RockNRolla Trailer Debuts and New Stills! Wed, 25 Jun 2008 12:14:29 +0000 Gerard Butler Net Empire Online has the World Exclusive first look at the RockNRolla trailer. Click the image below to view!

Empire also have three new images from the film:

The film will open September 5 in the UK and October 31 in the US.

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