09-09-08: Gerard Butler in Japan

Gerard arrived in Japan to appreciative fans who are there to support him for the PS, I Love You Premiere that will be held the evening of September 10. Images have been added to the gallery.

Use the clock below to keep up to date on the date/time in Tokyo:

Check back to GB.Net as we post the latest from Japan!


Thanks to Sam for the heads up on another online interview with Gerry! This one is from Tribute.ca.

09-08-08: Gerard Butler Press Conference Photos

More photos from Toronto have been added to the gallery.

Added two additional photos to the Daniel Smith photoshoot gallery.

Thanks to webberphan and Gieselle for more screen caps from Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married.

MAG tarts
Images from the 2008 US Charity Convention have been added to GB.net. Click here to visit the convention photo album.

Don’t forget to visit I Need My Fix to enter their drawing for a picture of Gerard autographed in Toronto! Thanks to Anne!

09-07-08: More Gerard from Toronto and London

Gerard continues to tour the Toronto International Film Festival with appearances at the Blindness screening and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist after party!

More pictures from the RockNRolla North American Premiere and After Party at TIFF have been added to the gallery.

ITN and Telegraph TV gets to the bottom of Gerard’s role in RockNRolla (screencaps have been added to the gallery)…

Thandie Newton talks about working with Gerard Butler…

09-06-08: Gerard Attends ‘Burn After Reading’ Celebration

Gerard attended the Burn After Reading Celebration at the Toronto International Film Festival. Photos with Jeremy Piven, John Malkovich and Zac Efron (yes, all our daughters are jealous now!) have been added to the gallery.