02-10-11: An Unbelievable TEN Years with Gerard Butler!

WOW, we can’t believe it, but it’s true …. Gerard Butler Dot Net is celebrating its TEN year anniversary!
We can’t believe it’s been 10 years since three friends decided to create a place for people to learn about a little-known actor who played Dracula and Attila.  How time flies and how things change!!!  We couldn’t be happier to still be here and still supporting a man we have come to call “friend” through all his success and hard work.

Of course, we wouldn’t be here without the countless hours of help from volunteers who help manage our gallery, news and newsletter.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the countless contributions from fans across the globe who send in their pictures and news finds.  We couldn’t do what we do without the continued support of Gerry, Alan Siegel, Danielle Robinson (thanks guys!!) and the film professionals who send us project news and updates!!

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Coriolanus will be featured in competition at the Berlinale Film Festival on February 14, with additional screenings on February 15.  Click here for more information. | View more pictures from The Sunday Times UK

The Weinstein Company is negotiating for U.S. distribution rights to Coriolanus.  Read more…

Test screenings of Machine Gun Preacher have been conducted and early feedback is positive for this highly dramatic film.  Have you seen the film?  Drop us a note in comments and tell us what you think!  Read more…


Gerard attends the Audi & Weinstein Company Party Sponsored By Godiva Chocolate Vodka in honor of the Academy Award nominated film, The King’s Speech.  View more pictures…

Thanks to ELEW for sharing  pictures of Gerard at his gig in January.  View more pictures…

03-17-09: News, Photos, Video and Charity News

The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a look at the three talents making Law Abiding Citizen and their rise in Hollywood in Citizen” gathers three Hollywood meteors in Philly.  Small tidbits about Gerard’s current project, how he makes movie choices, his taste in music (Mogwai) and a new pic (above) awaits the reader of this terrific article!

Listen to Tracks from Mogwai below:

What do you think of the music of Mogwai?  Leave us a comment!

Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignTHANKS TO EVERYONE who donated to the Valentine Wishes Charity Campaign! We raised close to $800 in just over a month which will go to Kids Kicking Cancer! This concludes our fundraising campaigns for the first half of 2009. The Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group can always use your help and donations are accepted year round. ALL donations are tax deductible.

Thanks to sanmarco1992 (Sandra) for a 2005 photo of Gerard at the Wedding Crashers premiere, but the big question is, who’s the guy with him?? Sandra wants to know and hopes Gerry’s fans can help! Leave us a comment if you think you know the mystery mans identity, or give us a tweet!


Thanks to Christine London for a video clip of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor discussing Gerry, Lolita and filming Game.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

02-26-09: Law Abiding Citizen Release Tentatively Set

Overture FilmsOverture Films, the distributor for Law Abiding Citizen, has tentatively set the release date for the film as March 26, 2010.  Read more…

In more LAC news, actor Jamie Foxx was injured while playing basketball in Philadelphia.  While the injury was not as serious as the article makes it out to be (it was only a sprain), it reportedly did cut short filming at Holmesburg Prison yesterday, but the film is still on schedule.  Read more…

Thanks once again to HughE over at Philly Chit Chat for sharing photos of Gerard from New York Fashion Week.

Check out HughE’s blog for what he had to say about his short conversation with Gerry about working in Philadelphia.  One small note about Hugh’s blog and his reference to Gerard on Twitter. We checked with Alan Siegel and the person on Twitter is NOT Gerard Butler.  Gerry doesn’t even know what Twitter is!   😀

We are happy to announce that the Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group has just sent another check to Kids Kicking Cancer for $1700.  This was the balance of the birthday charity campaign AND the cookbook and ornament sales at CafePress.  Thanks to everyone who donated and purchased the cookbook and ornaments.  Check your emails for notification to the winner of the autographed gift if you submitted an entry from your cookbook purchase!

Gerard Butler . Net Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignOur Valentine Wishes Campaign will run through March 15.  This will be the last organized fundraising campaign of 2009 until the late summer when things will start heating up for October’s Global Birthday Celebration.    We will update the donation totals tomorrow.  Thanks so much to everyone who has donated so far!!

02-08-09: Valentine Wishes and Law Abiding Citizen

Gerard Butler Dot Net Valentine WishesOur annual Valentine Wishes Campaign is now underway! Once again, our patron charity, Kids Kicking Cancer, will be the beneficiary of this years effort, which will run through March 15, 2009. In addition, you can leave a Virtual Valentine for Gerard on the campaign page, whether your donate or not. As always, we thank everyone in advance for your generosity!


Not a lot of news out of Philadelphia this week, but today’s Philly/Delaware area newspapers bring us some insight into the films progress.

The Delaware County Daily Times features an article on the old Broadmeadow prison being used for scenes in Law Abiding Citizen.

Michael Klein over at The Philadelphia Inquirer also provides some details on where the steak for the film originates.  You read that right, we said “steak.”  Read more…


The February issue of the Gerard Butler Dot Net Monthly Newsletter went out this morning.  Thanks once again to Julianna for all her hard work each month!  Thanks also to Sharon for proofreading this month’s issue.  For those who have not subscribed, but still like to browse previous newsletters, the January 2009 newsletter is now in the archives.  You may also subscribe to the newsletter on that page.  The once-a-month email is sent out on or before the 10th of every month.

All the career achievements have now been transferred to the new platform.  Most can be rated and reviewed right on their individual pages.  We didn’t include the ratings/reviews option for the stage work or some of the minor films in which Gerard appeared.

Finally, GB.Net’s 8th Anniversary is coming up this week, but we don’t want to forget founding admin K’s BIG 4-0 Birthday, which was yesterday, February 7!  This site is all YOUR fault, but we love you anyway!  Hope you had a fabulous day!!