7-24-09: Gerry Dancing on Regis and Kelly

Check out this hilarious video of Gerry dancing with Kelly Ripa backstage and live on the show!

7-23-09: Part 2 New Gamer Clip

There is a new “Gamer” clip available. Please be advised that it is rated R for violence and language.
Click the image below to view the clip:

04-10-09: New The Ugly Truth Trailer

Trailer Park on MySpace debuts the second trailer for The Ugly Truth in HD.  View it below!


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The Ugly Truth is set to be released on July 24, 2009 and is rated R.

Thank you for all your emails inquiring about the validity of Gerard’s account on Twitter.  We can say with 100% certainty that Gerard is NOT on Twitter.  This was verified with Alan Siegel Entertainment back in February.  The account is also listed as a fake on several websites that maintain lists of real and fake accounts.

GerardButlerDotNet does maintain a Twitter account where we send all our updates and follow movie news from entertainment sources.  Feel free to join us there!

03-31-09: Game Becomes ‘Citizen Game’

Gerard Butler in Game
Lionsgate Movies has announced, via their Twitter page, that Game has been renamed “Citizen Game” and the release date is September 4, 2009.  Thanks to Sharon for the heads up!


Thanks to Scarlett and Elyse for more fan photos from the Jameson Empire Awards and Philadelphia.  Additional photos from the awards have been added to the gallery as well.  Click the images to view more.

Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up on the video interview below by the Evening Standard from the Jameson Empire Awards.  Screencaps are in the gallery.