11-27-08: The Ugly Truth Trailer Debuts Starring Butler and Heigl

Gerard Butler + Katherine Heigl = Comedy At It’s Best!!   Check out the trailer to The Ugly Truth below! (thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up!):

For a HD version, visit The Ugly Truth Official WebsiteScreencaps have been added to the gallery.

Promotion for the film has also begun with features on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.  Check out the links for the videos now online!

Check out the pictures from Gerard’s attendance at the Grand Opening of Atlantis The Palm in Dubai!


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10-19-08: Gerard Butler Finds His ‘Citizen’ Director, Role Switch Confirmed

Variety reports that F. Gary Gray will fill the director spot on Law Abiding Citizen.  Gray, best known for 2003’s The Italian Job, will take over for Frank Darabont, who left the production last week.  In an added twist, Variety also reports that Gerard Butler will now take on the role of the traumatized victim of the legal system who launches a vigilante plot that terrorizes the city. Jamie Foxx will portray the DA who is the only man who can stop him.  The new director and casting switch has been confirmed by GB.net.  Production is scheduled to begin in December 2008.  Read more…

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Cinemax Presents, Max Final Cut: RockNRolla – Part 1, on YouTube (view below).  Thanks to mjbooklady for the link!:

10-14-08: Gerard Butler Gallery Additions, Project News

Gerard celebrates the grand opening of the Hollywood restaurant, Shin, lead by Strokes’ frontman Julian Casablancas and other investors, including Mark Ronson, actors Danny Masterson, Chris Masterson and Laura Prepon and DJ Steve Aoki. Read more… Additional pictures…

Director Frank Darabont has bowed out of Law Abiding Citizen, but the production is still on track as a seach for a new director goes forward.  Production is now tentatively scheduled for December 2008 (source).  Read more from Ain’t It Cool News…

From Variety: Warner Bros.’ Guy Ritchie shoot-em up “RockNRolla” owned the highest theater average among limited fare with $6,053 or $42,372 at seven locales.  Since its Wednesday opening “RocknRolla” has racked up $101,300.

has exclusive video from UK television on the Making of RockNRolla.  You must be a member of GBGF to access the video.  Screencaps have been added to the gallery as a preview of the video.  Many thanks to webberphan and jomar!

10-09-08: Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx in Law Abiding Citizen

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jamie Foxx is in final negotiations to join the production of Law Abiding Citizen.  More details about the plot are also revealed in the article.  Read more…


RocknRolla Premiere Video from ReelzChannel Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up!

Gerard’s appearance on The Tonight Show is now available for viewing on The Tonight Show website.

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Many thanks to Christine London for sharing her pics from the LA premiere of RockNRolla.

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