09-08-08: RockNRolla is Coming to Vancouver!

RockNRolla will be screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival on October 7 and October 8.  Tickets are now on sale for these screenings.  For more information, visit the official VIFF website.  We have added the dates, times and locations to the GB.net calendarGerard is NOT scheduled to attend this event. Thanks to webberphan for the heads up!


Thanks to Charlie for sharing her video of Gerard’s remarks prior to the RockNRolla screening in Toronto.  Click the picture to watch the show!

In the GREAT NEWS department, RocknRolla, which premiered last week in the UK, opened at number one in the UK film charts and has taken £1,562,017 in six days!  Read more…

For North American fans, this film is still scheduled for a three-city release on October 8 (NY, LA and Toronto).  An 800 screen release is scheduled for October 31.   Concerned it won’t be shown in your area?  Want to know what you can do to bring it to your city?

While we have already given you the chance to voice your disappointment over the limited wide release last month, at this point, the most proactive thing you can do is to contact your local theaters (independent theaters are usually the ones to contact) and film clubs to inquire about getting RockNRolla in your hometown!  Even if only 800 theaters get the film on October 31, those 800 prints can rotate across the nation after the 31st if you can generate the interest for the film in your areas.  It worked for Dear Frankie, it can work for this!