12-10-08: Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Items on CafePress

Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Cookbook Gerard Butler Dot Net Holiday Ornament

Our annual charity cookbook and holiday ornament (mugs and travel mugs too!) are now available for purchase at CafePress!   All proceeds go to Kids Kicking Cancer. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this year’s recipe book!  For each cookbook purchased, an entry form is included to win an autographed item from Gerry!  Your continued support is genuinely appreciated!!

The 2008 Birthday Charity Campaign has reached another milestone with over $5000 raised for Kids Kicking Cancer!!  Thank you for your generosity.  $4500 has already been sent to KKC and Rabbi G sends his thanks below:

The campaign will remain open until December 31, 2008.

After her long service as GB.Net Gallery Manager, Gieselle has decided to step down effective December 12.  We cannot thank her enough for her diligence and careful management of our gallery over these past few years. As a result, we are now looking for a few volunteers to fill her shoes.   Experience working with images in Photoshop is preferred, but anyone willing to research the internet for new pics, screencap DVDs and video interviews and work with the many people who regularly contribute to our gallery will be considered.   Email us at fans @ gerardbutler.net if you are interested.

08-03-08: Comic Con, Lucy Sullivan and Empire

Comic Con RockNRolla Panel
Many thanks
to angeleno for more terrific shots from the Comic Con RockNRolla panel now in the gallery!

More kudos to webberphan for more screen caps from the Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married DVD!

Game in Empire Magazine - September 2008

Thanks to Jo at Still Gerard for the Game article in Empire Magazine (September 2008)!  Read the article…

GB.Net is a full time job that a few of us work on daily.  Thanks to the wonderful people who help in maintaining our gallery and news section (Gieselle, Maryp, DaisyMay and Stagewomanjen), things run smoothly, but we still have a few areas we could use some help in.  If you are computer savvy and want to help with things like maintaining the TV/Event calendar, fan list, our MySpace (experience with MySpace required) and assist in composing the monthly newsletter, send us an email to gb.net @ gerardbutler.net (remove the spaces around the @ before send the email) to be considered.  No membership on any forum or list required.

We always get more volunteers than we need when we ask for assistance, so thanks in advance for understanding if we don’t have spots for everyone, but double thanks for volunteering in the first place!! 😀