03-17-09: News, Photos, Video and Charity News

The Philadelphia Inquirer offers a look at the three talents making Law Abiding Citizen and their rise in Hollywood in Citizen” gathers three Hollywood meteors in Philly.  Small tidbits about Gerard’s current project, how he makes movie choices, his taste in music (Mogwai) and a new pic (above) awaits the reader of this terrific article!

Listen to Tracks from Mogwai below:

What do you think of the music of Mogwai?  Leave us a comment!

Valentine Wishes Charity CampaignTHANKS TO EVERYONE who donated to the Valentine Wishes Charity Campaign! We raised close to $800 in just over a month which will go to Kids Kicking Cancer! This concludes our fundraising campaigns for the first half of 2009. The Gerard Butler Dot Net Charity Group can always use your help and donations are accepted year round. ALL donations are tax deductible.

Thanks to sanmarco1992 (Sandra) for a 2005 photo of Gerard at the Wedding Crashers premiere, but the big question is, who’s the guy with him?? Sandra wants to know and hopes Gerry’s fans can help! Leave us a comment if you think you know the mystery mans identity, or give us a tweet!


Thanks to Christine London for a video clip of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor discussing Gerry, Lolita and filming Game.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!