09-05-08: Gerard Butler in Toronto!

Gerard, Guy Ritchie and the rest of the cast attended the North American premiere of RockNRolla at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Red carpet and after party pictures have been added to the gallery.

TIFF highlights from YouTube “Girl in the corner” or “Don’t squeeze the cheek” video 😀 …

Interview with Gerard about RockNRolla from RealVideo TV…

Arriving at the TIFF premiere…

Thanks to Izabella for the first fan photo from TIFF!  Check it out here! If you have photos from TIFF you would like to share, please contact Gieselle at gieselle @ gerardbutler.net (remove spaces around @ before sending the email).

Thanks as well to Elb and Vanessa for sharing their pics from the London RockNRolla premiere!

More newspaper press has been added to the gallery.


Thanks as well to Shucks ID and Dane VOP for sharing their artwork for RockNRolla in London with us!