12-18-09: The Bounty Hunter Trailer

The Bounty Hunter gets a trailer. Watch it below!

The film now has an official website – ThePursuitBegins.com. Click the banner below to register for updates!


More photos from the Dubai International Film Festival added to the gallery:

Additional posters for How To Train Your Dragon have been added to the gallery:


  1. the bounty hunter trailer looks brilliant and very funny. whereas the ugly truth comedy was more in the verbal acting this is all in the action. i think gerry looks much better in a towel now then he did in shooters back in 2000, much more beefy. he is so good acting with his face especially his eyes. right from the start of the trailer that look he gives jennifer when she realises hes sitting right next to her is priceless. also the bit when hes hiding behind the door, and when she zaps him in the bathroom, that makes me crack up everytime i watch it. he said he had great fun making this film and jennifer was up for anything that was thrown at her, and it looks like that to. the amount of physical stuff in it and what they got up to together is awesome. greatly looking forward to seeing this as it comes out around my birthday, so it will be a nice birthday treat.