7-16-09: The Tonight Show, The Ugly Truth Premiere

Big day in Gerard Butler land! Tonight, July 16, Gerard appears on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and will, of course, be the main attraction at the World Premiere of The Ugly Truth!

Best of luck Gerry from everyone here at GB.Net!  Leave your best wishes for Gerry here

We will be tweeting during The Tonight Show and updating on new gallery additions as they are added from the premiere (to be held at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, 6360 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles).  Follow the tweets below:

In addition, Hulu.com will have the episode of The Tonight Show online after it airs, watch the box below to see it in high definition video once it comes online:

Gerard is scheduled to be the first guest on tonight’s show, followed by Venus Williams and musical guest Daughtry.

We have also been adding advance screening pass opportunities for The Ugly Truth to our calendar.  Watch it daily for new additions.

Interviews with Gerard on the making of The Ugly Truth:

Behind the scenes footage, bloopers and working on The Ugly Truth:

Gerard talks to SciFi Wire about Gamer.  Read more…


More set pictures have been added to the gallery for The Bounty Hunter, aka The Bounty.


  1. anonymous says:

    Gerry,your the only one worthy of the title leading man. Your a cut above the rest. I met you resently and my heart almost stopped. What a beautiful face you have. Can’t wait for more movies that you make.

  2. Marta Gardner says:

    It is wonderful to smell the roses and I have but it is great also when your passion, such as movie making is one of your rose gardens. 🙂 Gerry, at your age make movies like there is no tomorrow, so to speak, and never look back. Also make some while you are in the bloom of life with action and more action and period films, too. BTW, that’s an intense photo of Gerry with the gun … remember, guns don’t kill people…but Gerry in a great shot can be a lady killer! Keep killing them at the box office, Gerry. I’m glad as always to have had a chance to drop in! 🙂

  3. Sugarfoot says:

    Hey there Gerry,,,, You are doing great work, but what about all work and no play. Don’t over do, Sweet Stuff. We love ya, and hope all continues as you wish. Take time to smell the roses, though, and don’t change from the loveable guy that you are. Hollywood has a way of doing that to our most beloved stars. Love to see ya laugh, love the wrinkled nose bit when you do laugh.
    Stay happy.

  4. Rosemary says:


    I first saw you in P. S. I Love You. Your amazing grin and Scottish accent grabbed my attention.

    I have been busy with “life” and did not realize until recently (2 months ago) you were the star in 300 and Phantom of the Opera.

    Today I watched some of your TV interviews online before going to see your new movie The Ugly Truth.

    You have great charm, wit and humilty along with your wonderful smile. You are going to be a great movie star. I am glad you gave up being a lawyer because you are a great entertainer, actor, and singer. A bit of friendly advice…ignore the tabloids!

    I am a 100% Irish girl born in America who has become a fan. It has been a long time since an actor in Hollywood has turned my head. Probably since noone since Paul Newman.

    Best to you!