7-16-09: The Tonight Show, The Ugly Truth Premiere

Big day in Gerard Butler land! Tonight, July 16, Gerard appears on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien and will, of course, be the main attraction at the World Premiere of The Ugly Truth!

Best of luck Gerry from everyone here at GB.Net!  Leave your best wishes for Gerry here

We will be tweeting during The Tonight Show and updating on new gallery additions as they are added from the premiere (to be held at the ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood, 6360 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles).  Follow the tweets below:

In addition, Hulu.com will have the episode of The Tonight Show online after it airs, watch the box below to see it in high definition video once it comes online:

Gerard is scheduled to be the first guest on tonight’s show, followed by Venus Williams and musical guest Daughtry.

We have also been adding advance screening pass opportunities for The Ugly Truth to our calendar.  Watch it daily for new additions.

Interviews with Gerard on the making of The Ugly Truth:

Behind the scenes footage, bloopers and working on The Ugly Truth:

Gerard talks to SciFi Wire about Gamer.  Read more…


More set pictures have been added to the gallery for The Bounty Hunter, aka The Bounty.


  1. It is safe to say that you Gerard Butler, are of the the nicest guys, and better actors in movies today. The fans that you have and continue to gain are no accident, they are the result of your ability, personality, incredible good looks and its here to stay. You will be a force in movies much like your countryman Sean C. for along time. Lucky are your fans!

  2. sue grint says:

    there are so many great interviews to download and my son is getting fed up with me hogging the downloading so much, but i said its only for a few days until all the chaos of the premiere of tut calms down. i have literally just watched and downloaded gerry on craig fergusson and i dont think i stopped laughing from beginning to end, either did those two. they are so hilarious together and the stories they tell, about batchelor pads, the how to train my dragon which they both did, which i didnt realise and the clip of craig on tut which i also didnt realise he was in it, also the part about the police and the flying. there was so much going on in that interview it was just boom boom boom. the interview with bonnie and rebecca murray were two of my favourites and also i just downloaded one with the movie guy which was great. you just cant stop laughing when everyone is talking about tut. ive noticed already that the critics are at it pulling it apart and giving their opinions as to what they think of the film, and i have always believed that their point of view is just coming from themselves as one person, and everyone has different tastes. i personally have seen so many clips of it and laughed at it all and cant wait to sit back for 2 hours and watch it non stop. it is on over here in london on august 7 which will be a fantastic week if gerry can make the premiere on the 4th as well. we pray he will be allowed to leave his filming again as he has missed a lot for the la time off.

  3. Cora Jean Jarrett says:

    I can’t wait until the ugly truth comes out. I have been watching his career for years. I knew one day everyone would see what I have already seen, how good he really is. I wish him much continued sucess. And I don’t believe anyone will ever get tired of pitching his a**. Much love
    Jeanie from Virginia

  4. Gerry you are the best! My friend was able to attend the premiere and meet you, and as always you gave her a moment. A moment that she won’t forget. She is one of the sweetest people….kinda like you.

    Good luck with The Ugly Truth!

    I saw a sneak preview on Friday night, and I loved it! A very funny grown-up comedy, fast paced, witty and romantic too. The theatre was packed full, there were a lot of guys there, and they seemed to like the movie too. The laughs were great, and I liked your character Mike. Another very different character for you. You’re an amazing artist. I will be seeing it again next week!

  5. Angelini says:

    Looking forward to another story… probably involving your mother and her reaction to a past story you’ve shared… love them all. We appreciate your humility and your honesty. Molti baci e buona fortuna, caro.

  6. Gerryfan2000 says:

    Good luck with the premier and appearance on The Tonight Show. Looking forward to the sneak peek tomorrow night here in Salt Lake City of The Ugly Truth. Looks like it will be another winner!
    Thanks for all the joy you bring to your fans.

  7. Salomé Molins says:

    As always my best desires. A very big kiss from Barcelona.

  8. FOXYMORON says:

    hey come to Australia again, we’d love to see you for the premiere down here…

  9. judith blair says:

    You portrayed the Phantom in P O the Opera better than anyone I have ever seen….I don’t know if you even see these e mails but somehow wanted to let you know my grandaughters age 12 and 9 own your movie/dvd and never sat still thru any movie but did watching you….everyone has an idol and you are this family’s. God Bless and stay as brlliant always.

  10. macordovil says:

    I wish you. dear Gerry, all the happiness of the world, tonight and everyday of your precious life.
    I’ll be your fan forever and ever. Brazilian fans are waiting for you… Please, come back, we miss you! We’re looking forward to seeing this lovely movie.
    Good luck!

  11. Gerry, Best of luck tonight with the premiere of The Ugly Truth and with the Tonight Show. We are all behind you in all your endeavors. I love the previews that are shown on the TV.

  12. Cristina says:

    I`m sure The Ugly Truth will be a success as all your movies: comedies, action, romance, whatever…
    And of course I can not forget “The Phantom” , this movie marked too many women lives. Who can forget all that beautyfull songs in your beautyfull voice? Too many women, including me, are still waiting to see and hear you singing again. Don`t let us wait for a long time Gerry please….
    With love

  13. MaryLee says:

    I am looking forward to what new story you have for us on Conan! You have the most interesting stories! You couldn’t possibly make them all up! Looking forward to The Ugly Truth. It looks like great fun! Best wishes as always!

  14. Gerry, it’s great that you have so many things on your plate and you’re getting a lot of exposure. I’m so excited about “Gamer”. I’ve become a big fan of the movies featuring you kicking butt! As it was said on SNL back in the day, “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!” Have fun on Conan tonight and be kind to the boy. Hugs!

  15. gillianfey says:

    All the best re TUT premiere and The Tonight show. You have a lot of people at your back.

  16. Kathleen McGury says:

    Best Wishes Gerry! You deserve all the attention and acclamations. You worked long and hard for it and you still seem to have kept your basically nice guy personality. Kate

  17. Paula Connor says:

    OMG Gerry, new fan have just watched you in P.S. I love you, and my god i do, good luck in you new film The ugly truth i will make sure i go and see it. I so hated Hilary Swank in the film as she got to spend so much time with you, lucky girl, but you are an awesome actor and i do wish you all the luck with everything you do, it will be flying the Gerard Butler Flag for you in Liverpool

  18. Hi Gerry,
    wish you the best, the health, and a lot of love.

  19. laurelmoonstar says:

    Good luck, mo duinne!!!!! Love you!!!!

  20. Good luck tonight. We will be watching Conan for your usual witty interview!ooking forward to the opening of The Ugly Truth

  21. Cari Garrison says:

    Best wishes Gerry! Sorry to miss the show and premiere 🙁 but I will look forward to seeing the movie! Enjoy your night you deserve it! Thank you for all you do to inspire us and entertain us with your quick witted humor and relentless charm! You are the most incredible actor I have ever seen!
    (I cannot believe I called you an elephant at Comic Con last year) – but you do have the most sharp memory I have ever seen as well! xoxxo

  22. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    Dear Gerry, the very best of luck with the Premiere tonight and all your interviews over the next few weeks. I hope TUT is a huge success and I can’t wait to watch it when it comes out in the UK on Aug 7th. My Sky Plus Box is ready to tape The Tonight Show, which is airing on Friday (God help my husband if he deletes it!). I’m also moving mountains to try and be at at the Premiere in the UK on the 4th and am crossing all my fingers and toes that you will be there.

    You are by far the most talented actor around and you also appear to be an extremely nice, down to earth, generous and sweet person who cares about his fans. I have a huge respect for you and am so happy all your hard work has paid off…you deserve it.

    Sending you the hugest hug and the biggest smacker from across the pond.

    Mrs G.xx

  23. Hi Gerry – Good luck with Premier.. I can’t wait to see you tonight on CONAN and can’t wait to see The Ugly Truth. You are a great actor and person… .. Keep bringing us the movies and we will keep watching them.. .. I hope you are happy, because you make me happy everytime I see your face… Love you much…

  24. Patricia Shields says:

    Gerry: You’re a role model for us all with your ‘can do’ attitude and vivacious charm. I know I can always count on you to do us proud!

  25. Kathryn Dorff says:

    Gerry, Best wishes on your appearance on Conan tonight.
    I’ll be there!! Am looking forward to it. I’ve missed seeing
    you lately. It will be so great to see you on TV again. I hope
    I can catch all of your visits this week and the next.

  26. of course i wish Gerry the best…happy for myself i will see him tonight…

  27. Barbara Jackson says:

    Gerry … good luck with the opening of The Ugly Truth. I will be at the showing in Sherman Oaks on Monday and am looking forward to having a big laugh. I can hardly wait to see you on Conan, Craig Ferguson and Regis & Kelly … I know you will be very entertaining … you’re the best!

  28. sue grint says:

    have a great time tonight on conan and the premiere of tut. us in uk have to wait until 11.00 pm on friday night to see you on conan but it will be worth waiting for as i remember when you were on there last with 300 in march 07 and you were great fun. enjoy the next couple of weeks off from filming with all your interviews, and hopefully you will still be allowed off filming to see us in london. it will be the 3rd time ive met you if you come and i think that entitles me to go home with you, in my dreams ah.

  29. Patricia says:

    Hey Gerry 🙂
    If you’ll anytime read this I hope that you are proud that you are my favourite actor and I’m just 14 so I have to know what I say 😉
    You look great everytime and I wish that my mom was you’re wife 😀
    So you’re really the best actor I’ve ever seen and you’ll EVER really, when I say EVER it means EVER, EVER be the best actor! I can’t waiting for “The Ugly Truth” in Germany called “Die Nackte Wahrheit” <3
    I can’t see you in the tonight show because I’m from Germany but I’ll watch it a few minutes later on YouTube 😀
    So and read this sentence CAREFULLY [!!!] : Gerry, YOU are a little bit my idol and normally no one can be my idol because I think it’s silly to have an idol. It seems like ‘I haven’t got an own personality’ but you aren’t silly! I’m Gerryholic and proud!
    Big greetings and kisses from Germany
    Patricia <3

  30. mjbooklady says:

    Gerry, Best Wishes for a wonderful premiere have fun and enjoy!
    I’m looking forward to your interview on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien.

    Can’t wait to see The Ugly Truth and am counting down the days.

  31. Best of luck with everything you have going on right now. Can’t wait to see The Ugly Truth and Gamer — not to mention seeing you on Conan, Craig and Live!!! Hope you have a blast! Thanks for sharing “you” with your fans!

  32. Anne Fledderman says:

    Best wishes for “The Ugly Truth” — it looks like a spicy, hilarious movie! Will watch you on Conan tonight.

  33. little me says:

    good luck! good luck! good luck! did i say good luck!? ;D

  34. Shannon Ryan says:

    Good luck Gerry! I’m going to see The Ugly Truth tomorrow for the sneak peek! Can’t wait.

    Love and Kisses,

    Shannon Marie Ryan

  35. Heather Jackson says:

    Break a Leg Gerry! I am so stoked about the premier tonight! I can’t wait to see it! My family and friends are so excited to see a Gerry Movie I can’t believe it! I will be watching Conan tonight and can’t wait to hear the reviews! I am gushing with best wishes for you and the cast! Big Hugs and loads of Kisses! Work that red carpet like you have over 10,000 hot babes on your arm! We are all there with you in Spirit!

  36. Catherine Snowball says:

    Have a great day Gerry. Love you as always.

    Can’t wait for the new movie. Love all your roles you make everyone feel you are doing this just for them.

    Love Cathy

  37. Sue Weller says:

    Gerry, wishing you every success with this long awaited (by us) film. Your range of talent never ceases to amaze us, and we love watching you stretch your wings. May every seat be sold out for every showing!!

    Good Luck Gerry, Katie, cast and crew!!

  38. Julianna says:

    Have fun these coming weeks, Gerry. You are at your best during promotions, so kick back and relax.

    Good luck and congratulations on The Ugly Truth. Take care! xxoo Julianna

  39. Ann Luongo says:

    Good luck, man! And have fun! Can’t wait to see the movie. Looking forward to seeing you on Conan too!

    Enjoy yourself.


  40. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    Good luck, Gerry! I hope “TUT” is a huge success for you and my husband and I can’t wait to see it! (I’m sure he’s thinking, “Finally, a romcom for guys too!”)

    Have a wonderful time tonight! We’ll be watching you on Conan as well, prepared for more funny stories from that seemingly endless library you pull them from.

    Thank you for making movies and personal appearances that never fail to make me smile.

  41. Gerry, good luck on your Premiere today. I can’t wait to watch this movie. I’m so glad is out before my back surgery.


  42. Sheryl/Timeflies says:

    Here’s wishing you the best of luck with the opening of your next movie “The Ugly Truth.” It’s an unbiased, funny look at dating today from a man’s prospective, and that is what I like about it. You bring a very different angle to this ROM-COM that we haven’t seen before. This pairing with Katherine will add to your draw as a leading man. You work well with confident, self assured women, and it shows in your performances. There are 8 days left before TUT hits the theaters, and I shall try to patiently wait for Friday, the 24th, to arrive. That will be at least a three ticket night for me as I attend as many showings as I can that night. Can’t wait for you perfect timing and flawless performance. Keep it up. Best wishes, Timeflies.

  43. Good luck at the premiere, and I hope the movie has a great run. Can’t wait to see it!

  44. Marie Sorrentino says:

    Wish you all the Best!!
    Lately you are EVERY WHERE!!!!
    It’s GREAT
    Everytime I use to tell people about you, they really didn’t know who you were.
    But NOW, Everyone knows who you are.

    All the Best
    Enjoy all the FAME
    Marie Sorrentino

  45. Hello Gerard!
    Good luck for the premiere and “Conan O’Brien”!!!!! Have fun! We love you and adore you!!!!!

    Josée XXX

  46. Best of luck to Gerr tonight.
    You are the best. Won’t be at the premiere but will look out for videos. Have a blast with Conan as you did last time.
    Will someone at the premiere please make videos and post them asap? Thanks in advance.
    Best luck with TUT.
    Life is good for Gerr’s fans because we have the man to cheer on.

  47. Best wishes to the max for “The Ugly Truth’s” premiere! Great audience reviews from pre-screenings are begining to roll in. Congratulation!

    And can’t wait to see you shine on all of your coming guest appearances. You know how we look forward to these and cherish each and every quip! LOL

    All the best to you now and in the future.

  48. titian haired mona says:

    Hey Mr. Butler, TUT looks to be one great spicy taste delight.
    Love, Love, LOVE a saucy comedy! Must get my tickets NOW.
    So my toast to YOU is… “Have a good laugh with Conan and a fabulous premiere”.

  49. Bridget Jones says:

    Good luck with The Ugly Truth Gerry

    I can’t wait until the 7th August when it open in the UK

  50. Betsy Usher says:

    Gerry, Gerry, Gerry..(said with that Cary Grant impersonations of “Judy,Judy, Jydy”) I wish you and the cast great luck as “The Ugly Truth” premieres today. It looks like a hilarious movie, and your chemistry with katherine seems perfect. You needed a good actress who was also beautiful to complement your goodacting and handsomeness. You also do raunchy very well. I cannot wait to see the movie on the 24th!!!!! I hope you get the laughs lyou want as you sit in the audience watching the movie unfold. We fans love all of lyour roles because you make them seem so real. I love the two or more times in the trailers we’ve seen in which you show sadness interspersed with your chauvinistic behavior. You’re a wonderful actor with great comic timing, and I am sure that the fans will love this film.