01-13-09: The Ugly Truth Gets a Summer Release

The Ugly TruthWell, we will all have to wait a little bit longer to see Gerard on the big screen in 2009.  The Ugly Truth US release date has been moved from April 3 to July 24.  Never fear though, this IS good news as the film has been given a “summer blockbuster” vote of confidence thanks to favorable early previews.

This information has been confirmed by GB.Net and appears on the front page of the official The Ugly Truth website (although the release date list has not yet been changed).


Check out what Gerry had to say about the evening and the year in film.  Thanks to mjbooklady for the find!


  1. OMGoooooooooooosh,that’s too funny & cool,not that we have to wait of course to see it,that’s not good per say,but the NEW opening date is,lol ! They are opening it on MY Bday-whoohooo!! 😀 Loved seeing Gerry at the GG’s also,though his time was all too brief on it.