04-25-09: The Ugly Truth Official Site Updated

Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth Official Site

The official Sony website for The Ugly Truth has been updated with new photos, downloads and gamesClick here to check it out.

Screencaps and production photos have been added to the gallery.


Two new production photos from Law Abiding Citizen have also been added to the gallery.


  1. Yvonne Georgiou says:

    What a fun kooky website.

    Are you a Dude or Chick? game confirmed what I’ve always known…hooray I’m a Chick!

    Mrs G.xx

  2. Sharon (Aprixxi) says:

    Too fun!

    I’m ready to see this movie now!


  3. Great additions on the Official Site.

    Love Mike’s dating advice – down and dirty and to the point. 😆
    Women should listen! LOL

  4. The new site is wonderful 😀