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  1. I thought he was HOT in this movie, actually he’s hot in every movie he’s in. I loved his cocky attitude!!

  2. saurabh says:

    wow the movie is really fun and would love to watch it again and again

  3. Linda D says:

    Oh my God ! Gerard Butler is one fantastic hunk of man. I have never heard of him until I rented The Ugly Truth last weekend. This movie is fantastic! . Gerard and Katherine were awesome together, anyone who didn’t like this movie is crazy…and must have a very boring sex life….lol
    The man is ruggedly handsome and the dance scene left me breathless. In fact I will be watching it again tonight.I too have learned the fine art of flicking ahead to the parts I love. The dance scene, the restaurant scene and the balloon scene……I think I am in LOVE !!! I will definately be looking for more movies with this incredibly hot man in them. Make more PLEASE !!!

  4. Eugenie says:

    Lovely movie!!! I have already seen it three times and i enjoyed it a lot!!!! Gerard was great as usual!!! My fav scene : the dancing!!! I am looking forward to seeing his new movie!!!

  5. I went to see TUT three times with different people – my husband (who really surprised me about going – I think he’s jealous of my obsession with GB), my girlies, and my mother and sister. We all loved the movie. We laughed and laughed. As soon as it came out on DVD I was in the car to Best Buy and got my own copy. I have to say that the dance scene is by far my favorite scene. Gerry is very humble about not being a good dancer, but he just looks so natural in this scene. I have watched it repeatedly since I bought the DVD. His moves are so sexy and to watch the two of them dance it was like they were made to dance with each other. He has eyes only for her! The one part where he pulls her back and she just about leaps into his arms and throws her arms around his neck is just precious. They looked like they were really having fun that day! I would love to have a dance partner like that. There is nothing more sexy to me than a man who is a good dancer. Oh, and those big hands of his! He really seems able to relate to women, and he has great screen chemistry with the actresses he works with in his movies. I also loved the restaurant scene as well. Imagine having to do that scene over and over again. How exhausting that must have been as well as hilarious. Yes, the language was raunchy, but I am not a prude and laughed my butt off. As others have said, were all the critics women and prudes? Jeez, lighten up people! It’s just a movie. No, it was not Doris and Rock or Tracy and Hepburn. Times have changed. I don’t let critics dictate my choice in movies. Sometimes I think they are from another planet. Loved this movie and loved seeing Gerry in this type of a role. He is sexy, hunky and has great comedic timing. Love all his diverse screen roles.

  6. i have just, today, received my copy of the ugly truth and although the film is brilliant, the dvd is much better, as it shows you all the clips deleted or extended,also it shows you all the scenes that went wrong. these are absolutely hilarious and in some ways just as good as the film. it also shows you two alternative endings, which i think, personally, are all great, and also chats to the cast and in particular robert to tell us how he picked the actors to portray the characters and how the story came about.

    i thoroughly recommend this dvd, mainly because its fantastic, but even just the abtakes make it worth a look.

  7. Dottie Hausmann says:

    I laughed my butt off. There was one part that could have been better I think but it was a great movie either way. Loved It!

  8. I saw this movie with my husband, and we both laughed through the whole thing; he may have laughed harder, even though he is very jealous of my my infatuation with Gerard. The good thing is that my husband has the same problem (of course not in the same way), but whenever there’s a Gerry movie playing, that’s the one he suggests, which is good for me.
    I think it was a great romantic movie and it’s very cute when they already know that they are attracted to each other but pretend not to be and act as though they can hide their feelings for each other, but they look so in love, it’s hysterical. Katherine is tall and so is Gerry and they make a stunning screen couple. Gerry can’t dance to save his life, in case no one else has noticed, but he has my inconditional adoration. Those big, talkative eyes!

  9. I have seen in three times! and im definatly buying the dvd the day it comes out. i love movie!

  10. I thought this movie was hilarious! My friend and I laughed so hard! I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. Gerry is so sexy! I love to watch him in anything!

  11. sue grint says:

    i saw this movie on the wednesday it came out and on the friday afterwards. i also was one of the lucky ones to download a spanish version that was on you tube before it was taken off, so i have watched it about another six times, and after i have written this, i will watch it again. i cant get another of it, but in time i will have had enough of it for a little while, not. i thought it was absolutely hilarious and brilliant. ok it is very crude and smutty, but that is the brilliance of it, and as long as people are warn about this, then they can decide whether to go or not. i loved it, but i know i wouldnt recommend it to my sisters, who i think would die if they saw it and probably walk out, but thats them. i thought the dance scene, lift scene, balloon scene and the bed scene were so hot, but my funniest bit was gerry, or should i say, mike, talking about her bean. i was in hysterics over that bit especially, because i think a lot of women know about that personally. i know i do. would thoroughly recommend it to anyone other than the prudes.

  12. Carole Obat says:

    i thought it was the funniest movie i had ever seen ,, and im one of his older fan’s ive seen it 3 time’s can’t wait for the dvd to come out

  13. laura white says:

    i absoulty loved this movie ,, my husband me my son and his girlfriend went to see this movie we laughed so hard at the time i wish i had water proof mascarra on …. very funny movie

  14. Pat Simons says:

    Sorry, I walked out after 40 minutes. I’m no prude, but I found this movie vulgar and insulting all around. If Gerry keeps making movies like this I will quickly become an unfan.

  15. loved it so much that i have seen it 7 1/2 times so far. saw it twice on opening night. saw the 1/2 time after seeing g-force and asking the attendant if i could go in and see the rest of tut. i think we got see a bit of gerry being gerry in this movie. people (all ages/sexes in the theater,) many laughs. agree with one reviewer that we were given too many of the fun scenes in the trailers, but was nice to see how those bits played out in the actual movie. i did not like the underwear scene at the dinner. i also agree with one of the above reviewers about what movie did the main stream movie reviewers see and review on. the review that was listed in our hometown newspaper tv guide was a movie reviewer from the associated press named chrisy lemire who gave the movie 1 1/2 stars and really cut the movie. again i wonder what movie she watched. i really loved the elevator and dance scenes. the dancing was wonderful. i loved how towards the end the movie seemed to get almost a bit serious. will continue to go probably a few more time. ( hey i saw 300 19 time while it played here. ) debra

  16. Barbara says:

    I went to see the movie twice and took 2 friends. We loved it! I haven’t heard an audience in a theater laugh out loud so much in ages. The fact is that much of the “ugly truth” is just exactly what was captured in this film. Gerry is always fantastic. This was the best I have seen for Katherine Heigl as well. This should be required viewing for all uptight relationships.

  17. I went with a girlfriend, we laughed and so did the entire theatre, which was crowded with men and women of all ages. The entire audience laughed and heard some people asked I ust missed that line. When the film was over the buzz was that was really great. I heard one man say that was just great. I am a big fan of Gerry’s and his acting is so diverse, he makes everyone believe is roles. Love the man WHEN IS THE DVD COMING OUT.

  18. cillairne says:

    I loved it!

    So far, eight “tart” friends and I have seen the movie three times (sneak preview) and twice opening day. It is my express intention to take a few other friends to see it also.

    In my opinion, this is the romantic comedy we’ve all been waiting for Gerry to make. It gave him the opportunity to shine in many areas we alre already aware of but also gave him the chance to display his comedic gifts and the absolutely irresistible charm we all have seen from him over the years. His acting was so natural and comfortable and the chemistry between him and K. Heigl so endearing, you couldn’t wait to see how they were going to get together.

    I’ve been mystified at some of the reviews……..and honestly don’t know what the reviewers are referring to. Of course, they never like romantic comedies, but some of them were just “out there.”

    I go to a romantic comedy to escape from reality. This allowed me to do so.

    Each theater was full of male and female patrons who obviously had no problem “getting the jokes” and enjoying them. This wasn’t Bruno – but it was an adult movie made for adults. Where’s the harm in that. It was modern and still managed to remind me of the Tracy/Hepburn, Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies. Charming!

    Even the “underwear” scene which was a send-off of the Meg Ryan “When Harry Met Sally” restaurant scene was enjoyable and I have to say, pretty darned authentic. I thought we might have been treated to too many generous advance trailers there would be no surprises for us, but that was not the case. Very, very funny!

    Absolutely will see again!


  19. Bonnieboo says:

    My daughter and I saw this movie together and we thought it was hilarious!!! Of course we both have a great sense of humor! If you are uptight and prudish, which apparently the reviewers are, you may not like it. If you can admit to “The Ugly Truth”, you’ll love it!! We did. At heart, alot of men are just like that, and so are women, so get over it! Women want to to make their men into females, but the TRUTH is they are horny little bastards, lol! This movie was exaggerated, of course, but not a whole lot, if a man is being honest. But were thoroughly entertained, and that IS the point, right? The ending was a bit rushed i think, but, all in all, great movie! Gerry is great as ALWAYS and Katherine Heigl plays her part to perfection. They both do. Great job guys.

  20. Love it!! Nothing better than a romantic movie. And funny. In today’s world we need all the romance and fantacy we can get. Real life is too serious and tragic at times. So when I go to the movie I want to see romance and laugh. I hate movies with sad endings. Life is too sad at times.
    Give me the old romance and all the laughs I can get. Great Movie. Thanks

  21. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Constantly amazed by Gerry’s acting chops of great comedic timing and delivery. The dancing and elevator scenes couldn’t be hotter. Gerry has the best on-screen kissing looks as shown in so many of his previous moives. Also impressed by Katie’s performance as well as the other supporting cast. Will see it again in the next couple weeks.

  22. Cynthia S. says:

    I LOVED it! Funny, oh so raunchy and you know what? I deserve it!LOL!! Tired of cutesy movies that are PG-13..>This was just bad enough..Sort of like Sex and the City, but just a tad bit more naughty! I went in the afternoon…Theater was full of groups of girlfriends…A few men scattered around and it turned into this sorority/frat type thing..Hilarious…People were cracking jokes, stomping their feet laughing! Critics be damned this was a movie for adults and we LOVED it!

  23. Paula C. says:

    There’s nothing better than seeing our Gerry on a huge movie screen, but that’s beside the point! I truly enjoyed this movie…as did my husband and my 82-year old mom! It made us laugh (and there were plenty of laughs from the audience as well). I was looking forward to spending the afternoon watching this movie and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m a romantic at heart, so this was definitely a treat. A treat for adults! What I found so interesting was how quickly I lost sight of Gerry and became absorbed in “Mike” and the other characters. I liked the chemistry between Gerry and Katherine. It was believable. But the next day when I read some of the “expert’s” reviews of the movie, I wondered what planet they were from? Lighten up guys. This isn’t rocket science. It’s fantasy. It’s something to escape to for an enjoyable few hours. I am amazed at the the different directions Gerry has allowed his choices to take him: portraying a deliciously sexy Dracula; arrogance, despiration, desire, and redemption personified as a Phantom; a stranger of few words in Dear Frankie; a larger-than-life, commanding leader of Sparta; a care-free Irish rogue in P.S. I Love You; a chauvanistic “guy’s guy” in The Ugly Truth, and many others. My mother told me the other day “I think you’re smitten”. I laughed at such an old fashioned word. But I didn’t deny it! I’m proud to be a First Coast Tart, and “Keeper of Green Eyes Behind A White Mask”. Congratulations Gerry!

  24. The movie was amazing!! Gerry is gorgeous and he is a great actor. Katherine Heigl and Gerard are great together. I am definatly going to see it again and again!

  25. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    My husband and I both loved this film enough to see it twice so far and laughed all the way through it both times. We’re not huge fans of raunchy comedies but in this case the crudely R-rated language seemed to fit the character of Mike perfectly. I thought the chemistry between Mike and Abby was very strong and helped make up for an imperfect and somewhat uneven script. The romantic comedy story arc is typical of the genre, which surprises because the leads start out almost as polar opposites. However, they do come together as friends in a very natural way, IMO, so the happy ending is believable.

    We give it two thumbs up!