7-17-09: The Ugly Truth Premiere Coverage

TONS of pictures are now available in the gallery from The Ugly Truth premiere.  Check them out!

(From Sony Pictures)

Check out the new TV Spot “Heigl VS. Butler” for The Ugly Truth that aired during last night’s The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien:

The video of Gerard’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien is now online at The Tonight Show website:

Gerard Interview Only – PART 1

Gerard Interview Only – PART 2

While Gerard will not be present at Comic-Con this year, Lionsgate will hold an autograph session for Gamer at the Lionsgate Booth (#3729) with Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges on the Comic Con show floor from 1:00pm-2:00pm on Friday, July 24.  Stop by and show your support for the film!  This will be your only chance as no panel is scheduled for the film, although press only interviews will be held with the cast (no Gerard) and directors.


  1. actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie ,;~

  2. sherry m says:

    I just love Gerry. I love his great style and charisma. Gerry this fan loves all your work

  3. Karen J says:

    I had trouble with choppy/nearly unintelligible audio on the Premier video. But, anytime I get to see and (almost) hear Gerry makes me happy…!
    I thought Jerry was pretty subdued on the Conan Interview, but Conan just doesn’t seem to be a very good interviewer (despite his popularity). It seems there’s a lot of self-interest on Conan’s part. He gets a whole 30 minutes at the beginning of his show all to himself, and asks the least interesting questions of his guests.
    Conan virtually excluded (or forgot) Gerry from everything after the tennis star walked on. It seemed very awkward for Gerry once the band finished playing. Conan just had to hang with the band and show how ‘connected’ he was with the young group, rather than bring his guests and the band together at the end of the show. I don’t think I will be watching Conan in the future unless Gerry is on the show…..and then, with gritted teeth…!!! (for Conan, not for Gerry!!)

  4. LilyMackay says:

    I sat down with a fresh cup of hot coffee this morning (6:30) to watch the clips from the Tonight Show. The next thing I know I’ve got hot java on my jammies because I was laughing so hard. So, Gerry’s friend claimed that fame hadn’t changed him? Great friends you’ve got there, Ger. (lol)

  5. sue grint says:

    he looked like he was having such a good time at the premiere with kathy and i hope they will both be coming to london in august, especially gerry, as i know hes not sure yet whether with filming commitments he will be able to get here, hoping. the photos were terrific as i always like him without the collar and tie as its more natural. i watched him yesterday on conan as we in uk saw it a day later than the states. he was very funny, as usual, and looked really well and fit, even though he was joking about not having the 300 body anymore, which i didnt like in the least, because it wasnt natural, but it fit in with the film. i prefer him with a bit of meat on the bones and hunky. i am looking forward to being able to watch him on craig fergusson show as they are usual hilarious in the past when these two get together, it must be the scottish thing in them. i will have to wait till its on you tube, as we cant get that programme in the uk, but i know it will be well worth the wait.

  6. Gerry, You are just at the beginning of the ride of a lifetime, and you so deserve it. You’ve paid your dues and now it’s all coming true for you. No one deserves success in your chosen field more than you. I think when LAC hits the theaters, people are going to see you in a whole new light as an actor. Your fans from way back in your career already know how great you can be. Now, the rest of the world will too.

  7. Thanks for the tapes of the show. I watched it. I am not a big fan of Conan, but to see Gerry on TV wow, He is so funny and boy did he look good. Can’t wait for the movie.

  8. Scotsfan says:

    Thank you for posting the videos on here. The lack of hving a TV makes it difficult to see Gerry but you are a treat for having this available to us.

    Absolutely loved the interview. All around a great man!

    p.s. I am seeing TUT tonight for an advanced showing. YAY!

  9. Those pictures are amazing, Gerard looks so good and way better than he did in February/March. He looks healthier now.
    But unfortunately I cant watch the Hulu videos b/c I’m not from the USA… :((

  10. jennifer says:

    the video does not play ???? looking for interview with Gerry & Conan, only….??

  11. LadyMacbeth75 says:

    These are great! It was nice to see all the premiere photos pop up last night and then to have all this extra stuff today! Great coverage! Thanks!

  12. Julianna says:

    I enjoyed Gerry so much last night on Conan. He told some very cute little stories, but I loved the one about being ‘rubbed’ up against. I’m still smiling about that one.

    Thanks GB.net for being on Twitter last night, too. That was great. Nice update. 🙂