08-05-09: The Ugly Truth UK Premiere Coverage

Thanks to Sharon for the video from Team England at the premiere.  She writes that she didn’t get Rob Luketic on video but “He just said hello to everyone at Gerardbutler.net.  He was very sweet.”  Thanks Rob!  See the video below:

The Ugly Truth Premiere – Part One (big screen interview):

The Ugly Truth Premiere – Part Two (signing autographs):

Coverage from The Ugly Truth European Premiere in London from Sony Pictures. More have been added to our YouTube Favorites page.

Today Online interview from Australia. Thanks to FOXYMORON for the link!


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  1. LilyMackay says:

    I’ve never been to a premier before, but watching those two clips from the London premier of The Ugly Truth was an eye-opener. The constant noise and cries of “Gerry! Gerry! Over here, Gerry!” made me think that the phrase “rabid fans” is NOT an overstatement! And yet, Gerry shared himself with as many of his fans as he could, smiling, talking, laughing. He is always so considerate of his fans, always goes the extra mile to connect with them and leave them with wonderful memories. I don’t know how he does it.

    I agree with Lilyrose:

    “What A Guy!!”

  2. Katherine is so lovely

  3. Lilyrose says:

    Thank You Gerard Butler.Net for the wonderful videos. As always, Gerry was soooo awesome..
    I can’t never get enough of him and his generosity towards the fans. Thanks Sharon for sharing this amazing video. Three words..
    “What A Guy!!”