10-12-09: Unscripted Interview on Moviefone

Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx answer fan questions on Moviefone.com in their Unscripted interviews.  Watch complete and selected clips below:

Complete Interview

Gerard on “Winding Down”

Gerard on Audience Response

Gerard on Producing His First Film

Jamie on Gerard’s Birthday

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  1. Gertrude R. duell says:

    Hi, Watching”Unscripted” really made me realize just how hard GERRY worked, not only the acting, but in his company to get this film off the ground, and the 95 rating, showing he’s not only a beautiful face but a mind to match. I Will be in line Friday, and know it will be a great success… We gals will never let him down. GO GERRY… Gert

  2. sue grint says:

    i have just this minute finished watching jamie and gerry on moviefone unscripted, and i have never laughed so much for a long time. jamie was hilarious in his questions and just his general messing about, just as much, if not more than gerry. he had gerry in stitches several times, it was great and so funny. i was really looking forward to this interview, because i enjoyed the same unscripted with hiliary on ps i love you when gerry was centre stage. the boys played off each other brilliantly and i cant imagine how awesome gerrys party will be if jamies in control of it. it might be just as well gerry isnt in a relationship. i fully understood gerry saying when a film is over he likes to just get lost travelling. i do the same thing but i can only do it every couple of years because of finances, but i work to pay the bills, of course, like everybody else, but also to save for my next holiday and just go somewhere in the middle of nowhere and veg out. a couple of years ago, i took the rocky mountaineer train over the rockies in canada, and this year i went to alaska and did lots of adventuous things i wouldnt normally do back at the office, and it was underbelievable. i am now thinking ahead to 2011 and new zealand which will be a great experience travelling to the other side of the world, but i too love to just get losed in the beautiful scenery and nature at its best.