7-23-09:Updates on Craig Ferguson, GMA, TUT and more..

Below is the video from Gerry’s appearance on The Craig Ferguson

We’ve added screencaps from both Craig Ferguson and Conan O’Brien to the gallery. You can see them here:

Craig Ferguson 21 July 2009

The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien


Check out the article in the LA Times here:Gerard Butler charmingly tells ‘The Ugly Truth’

Click the image below to view the video of Gerry on “Good Morning America”:


Check out the photos from the press conference for “The Ugly Truth” in our gallery:

You can view them all here: The Ugly Truth Press Conference at Four Seasons Hotel Beverly Hills, CA

Here are some photo from ComicCon:(Click image for larger version)
More Lionsgate Pics at Comic Con on Twitpic

This is David.He wanted to know if we ever heard of Gamer wit... on Twitpic
This is David.He wanted to know if we ever heard of Gamer with GerARD Butler. He didn’t even know when it came out, we set him straight. 😀

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  1. sue grint says:

    i have never down so much downloading in my life. there are so many great interviews for this film and they are so hilarious some of them. i loved gerry and craig, thats my best, then his interviews with bonnie and rebecca are always great fun. the interview with shauna about jennifer was brilliant as was the one with was it stephen, the chap whose book mike is taken from. although the critics in america are putting the film down, im sure the public are going to love it, and anyway the critics are only one person or group of people and i myself never take any notice of them, because everyones got different tastes. i for instance, dont like westerns, war films and horror but thats me. the film comes out over here in uk in two weeks time and i always go on my own straight from work down to the local cinema, as not many people go that early and i always think im having my own private viewing with just a few people in the cinema. cant wait. in the meantime im still waiting in hope that gerry is going to be able to attend the premiere in london on the previous tuesday. fingers and everything else crossed.

  2. Lot’s of good stuff! Thanks!

  3. mjbooklady says:

    Thanks so much for all wonderful videos, photos and articles.

    Great interviews of Gerry on the late shows and Good Morning America. There is nothing better than watching Gerry on talk shows.

    Thanks also for the up-date on Gamer the movie is starting to look very interesting.

  4. Julianna says:

    Gerry’s knocking them dead, too. He is sooooo good at this stuff.

    Love the new Gamer site. Very nice. 🙂